✨ Your Paradise is to be found in Yourself ✨

✨ Your Paradise is to be found in Yourself ✨

✨ Your Paradise is to be found in Yourself ✨

“Le rêve est en chacun de nous
Chacun rève de vivre ailleurs
Mais l’ailleurs est en soi,
nullement ailleurs qu’en soi.
Chacun de nous rève de vivre ici ou là, de faire ceci ou cela
Mais le paradis est en soi “

I was in Paris… And all eyes are on London, oh I want to live there, and then when I am in London, all eyes are on Paris or France or Spain or Morocco.

Well we all play that game of I wish I lived there or go with you there.
But really…Your paradise is yet to be discovered in yourself.

Because the minute you find this energy of positivity, of enjoyment, of gratitude, all doors open to you with a sun, smile, a laugh, a kiss, a loving embrace.
With mesmerizing energies.
And that is all it takes.
Believing in it.

Believing In that incredible force we all have in us for creating a positive energy inside ourselves, for being positive and optimistic. Knowing the universe is here to serve our thoughts.… Because our thoughts are our powerful creator tools as is the energy we carry within us.

Yes it is our will to create the world we desire and deserve…. Because we are creators and nothing else.

And we are fallen in this illusion of being victims of a world.
Gloomy, hard, hard work, not loving etc… And the more you think of it like that the more it will show up to you in this manner… Until you suffer too much, until you feel something is not ringing right for you.

And you will let go of your beliefs eventually.

Because your soul is bringing you messages, experiences, tips or big bangs to wake you up from that nightmare of victimhood.

You are a creator. A very joyful and potent creator. And the experience of victimhood definitely comes from a desire to understand human life, but it is not obligatory babes, hahaha.

Time to shift it all.
Time to be-live who we are, spirit into form beings.
Be-live your true power of creating a positive and loving world.
Wake up in the morning and spend time with yourself.
Don’t react to the wind of gloominess, or it’s a wrong day, of what weather, of I wish I were there…..
Be there for your life.
Be there for your life.
Embrace your power.
And say I love my life.
I am happy for my day!
I know everything is showing me great parts of myself.

It is not negative, it is not against you.
It is for you. To help you progress, see who you are, where you are going.
All the stops are beneficial to you. Embrace them.
Say it is positive, think positive for it all.
And see how it transforms then.
You will be amazed…

Creating a positive energy in oneself offers the clay to sculpt a beautiful life.
Having a discipline of creating peace in oneself, staying on a high energy of gratitude, of letting go the uncontrollable, of embracing the flow of life.
These are the keys to your own paradise.
Please enjoy it.

Namaste. 💗