Your Dreams…

Your Dreams…

Dreams come to us like waves of energies, like waves on the sand… They flow back into the recess, into the big ocean… Into the bigger image of life, into the void of our thoughts, of our consciousness…

They appear and disappear.
Like a vision, like a ghost.

Each time they come back to us they act like a dose of pleasure in our energy field.

They are, in a way, far away from our reality – but for a slight moment they are part of us – of our vivid consciousness – of our field of possibilities.

Then what to do? Grab that moment!

Grab that scene, that thought, that vision, that ghost in you.
Grab it as if it is your reality.

It is sending you the information about your soul desires, about your inner child desires… The desires that you forget, that you hide to the point that sometimes you don’t even remember or recognise them.

Grab this energy and make it live in your reality. Give it a life. Give it time and love… And it will manifest into your life little by little.