You are the energy.

You are the energy.

I want to wake up to a better world. 

A world where the morning is a meditation, where there is respect for silence.

The gentle breeze of the morning.

The softness and gentleness, where is nothing in the way.

Of meeting bliss.

The bliss is the centre.

There is nothing else.

This energy is the one that soothes you, that heals your mind from becoming crazy with all it’s worries and thoughts…

It is not only a release of stress, it is a cocoon of the soul, a space where spirit is merging with you, in that moment.

This is your essence, and the morning is the closest moment we get to really experiencing it.

As soon as you’re awake, reaching for your phone, entering the material reality, you thicken your skin, you lose the thread of gentleness.

You open eyes and ears to the outside world, and it becomes more difficult to hear yourself and meet yourself in this place.

This is your human life. You don’t need to worry.

You are prepared. You are equipped.

But the trap is when you believe that the equipment is you, that this is your only way to live.

When actually, it is a tool, it is a translator for the here and now.

It is the fabric, it is the brick and mortar, it is the clay.

YOU are the energy.

You feel.

You think.

You decide.

And you use your tools.

You are not the tools.

You borrow these for your expression here.

The morning time, the space between waking and going about your human existence, is an invitation to re-enter the world with gentleness and easiness.

Respect this magical time and place.

Embrace the connection between your soul and the body here.

Reinforce the link, and the communication will follow.

Allow yourself to receive the energy from your soul.

Here is the gateway to your magic.

It is restorative.

It is reinforcing.

It build your faith and belief in who you are.

And it’s this place that can guide you, if you let it, throughout your day.

Listening in that space between waking and becoming human, is just natural and divine.

Sometimes you will be awakened by the voice inside of you.

It will make you smile…

It will feel as gentle as a prayer.

Be open to receive in this space.

There is gold held in the silence.

The silence is gold.

The silence is your divine moment of existence.

Connecting to all that is sacred.


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