What to do when disappointed  **Full Moon Blog**

What to do when disappointed **Full Moon Blog**

I know it is so difficult when we are hit by disappointment, because events are not showing you success. When life is bringing up some fears to you, your whole being is shaken. Shaken by doubt, by fear.

But also shaken by the very old fear in your inner child. In childhood we all wanted to realise our dreams, we all wanted to surf on our true soul energy and that was not possible. Life has crushed your childhood dream.

Nobody would have believed in your own dreams, your vision of the miracle life, of your soul. That moment where you disengaged from your initial vision, you in a way abandoned your real self.

You literally told your inside self,

“sorry I can’t be who I am. The world is not believing in it, nor in me.

I have to comply.

I say no to myself.”

At that moment you abandoned your self and your dream. And the feeling of abandonment and/or failure stays with you.

This is inside of all of us.

This pain, this hurt in our deep self we will all cover, and try to heal in doing many other things, like pleasing our ego, because we feel maybe the success of the ego will make up for our deep pain.

Evidently not.

The path of life will always bring you back to this energy. It is conditioning your whole being in this lifetime. Unconsciously you will create a life to answerthis mystery. You will do it all to heal your childhood.

Whenever life brings you the experience of failure, and failure is only defined by your ego, your energy will connect back to this childhood moment of disengagement. So unconsciously many emotions will resurge to the surface and sometimes you don’t know where they come from. Why on earth do I feel depressed or anxious suddenly? Why on earth am I so afraid?

Why on earth am I so discouraged?

Because when you abandoned your childhood dream, you let go of who you were, and an emotion of discouragement, of disbelief settled there in you.

That is important to heal.

This is an old energy that needs to be addressed.

But most importantly, know that you are sovereign to your energy today.

There is no need to crash each time you hear bad news or each new direction the world has in store for you.

There is a natural force that helps you toward the goal of the soul.

You may not recognise it at the moment of the disturbance, but it takes your faith in your soul and the universe, that the universal energy is working hand in hand with your soul.  It is showing another route because you need to see it, you need to rearrange your life so you live the experience differently and face energies you were not imagining. These energies need to be made aware and processed. Why?

As you process them you will make free of parts of you that were laying down in the dark. These energies will set you free and you will see life differently.

Be able to shift your goals and your life in a more liberated and lighter way.

But very importantly have the conscious will to stay strong and sovereign. Because falling into the fears and doubts will pull you back in old energies.

Let the events pass you by, watch them as through they are foreign to yourself so that you stay high in your energy. That is the key not to be-live them and fall again into the fear and panic mode. Seeing them passing will give you the distance and the clarity to separate from the panic energy, and give you the power of seeing the next step.

In this moment of disappointment, take the courage to stand back and create a sacred moment of clearing your energy, connecting with your true self that is not connected to any event, but connected to you, to your real presence, independent of any thing. It will nourish you with a clearer energy of light and love that you need in any crisis.

All crisis stem from a dis-belief of who you are.

The most important thing is to be able to get back to God-Goddess energy.

Let go of your worries.

Always remember to have the God-Goddess energy in charge of it all.

You are partnering with it.

Never forget.

Remind yourself your inner strength

Sending you blessings and love