What is the Promise of Your Day?

What is the Promise of Your Day?

What did this day come to you with?

What is this moment bringing to you?

A piece of beauty, a piece of calmness, a piece of wisdom through living this physical life…

The promise is Big.

And we don’t take it,

We don’t think in terms of promise.

Because life is already a promise, a promise of being, of experimenting.

There is nothing between you and this moment.

It is yours

To embrace it

To love it

Or to refuse it

To let it be

Are you the receiver of that promise? You have the will to welcome it or to let it pass.

The promise of this life and certainly others is to bring you back to your authentic joy.

The art of living is in the receiving.

The allowing to listen to the promise of life.

Receive it and embrace it. Live the moment.

The promise is in your every morning, every night, ever day of your life and there is nothing that will impede it from coming to you, to unveil its potential, its opportunity.

The widening of your consciousness horizon opens up like a sky after a storm, a sky with no limits and there is nothing else.

How much we like to believe in the closing, the heightening, the threatening, the reducing… We reduce ourselves, we believe in the fears, in the walls, the stops the shame, the no’s.

We go out in the world with our promises and we let it fade. We believe in the fears and the promise stops leading the path, but stays deep inside like a sinking boat.

We reduce the sky and then the promise cannot breathe and we forget why we are just going forward.

Because a life with no promises, no hope, no dream is not really life. It is survival.

It is functioning in a smaller box of limits. And that is not our promise, as human beings.

We are here to live the promise, the hope. Because our souls are pure energy of this leading light in us.

Don’t let it fade, let it inspire your days.

Feel your fears and limits and be courageous to realise the truth.

Your deep truth.

Breathe in the promise of your day.

Breathe in deeply. Stay connected to the sweet vibration of positive thinking.

Let it talk to you. Hush you in your ears or heart.

Let this innate wind of life invite you to discover your day ahead.

Trust it. It is your soul promise.

Your guidance to your inner paradise and outer joyful life.

Transform the moment into a chosen life.

A life of the soul.