Welcoming Mercury Retrograde

Welcoming Mercury Retrograde

I talked to spirit today as I needed some help.
I was feeling a bit stuck on my vision of my life.

All is well and yet something felt a bit old in terms of the energies in my life. Something not as exciting was showing itself in my energy field. And I knew I had to clear it to recover my joy, and a higher vibration of energy in me and around me.

I had to lay down all the elements of why I felt some feeling of living in past energies. I realised that I was have been blocking the conception of my dreams for a while because the realisation of my dreams take so much effort, time and energy. I realised I had blocked my inner machine to create new dreams for a while. And I was realising more and more my old dreams, that had become a routine.

Human nature is tricky. We love comfort, we love habits. The minute we solidify a dream it becomes a set life with routine. Omg no! Then the energy level reduces, the joy level too ! The excitement goes away…

I got the message clear.

And I prayed.

I start a ceremony, opening my consciousness to the new, the bigger and unknown territories. I also proceeded to clear the older energies in me.

I asked the energies stuck in my aura to be released. So I could breathe again, without the weight of the energy of past experiences.

And I realised how perfect was the Mercury Retrograde we are now in!

You may have known all the fear about it creating havoc everywhere. You may have experienced it yourself… But really there is a perfection in it.

The energy of the Mercury Retrograde is a shaker energy for all the energies that are hanging on you and that you should actually move on out of your life.
It acts like an activator of transformation.
It acts like a revelation.
When you feel disruption because of it, you will know you are still hanging to some unnecessary energies in your life.
Don’t take it dramatically.
Relax. Breathe. Take it easy – as it may be frantic sometimes.

Take a step back and look at all.
Because under the disruptive energies it is harder to gain clarity.

Why don’t you BE ahead of the curve and have a meditation about your actual energy, about the energy of your creative projects. Feel where you have not let transformation happen in the past, where you have held onto past ideas, or kept conservative to protect yourself from the unknown.

Welcome Mercury retrograde energies for they are the boost for clearing, for renewing your vision of life. But take it easy. Embrace the change with grace and humor. Nothing like humor to break the pattern of worrying.

So yes I took it personally this energy of change. I prayed to see the change of energies and there this wild horse is running to us with its fierce beauty.

I wish you all grace and humor.