Healing for Your Soul Purpose and Rebirth

In the Full Moon in Scorpio

With Karen Ruimy, bestselling author and energy healer, channelling the Goddess, Metatron, and Archangel Michael for renewing your energy matrix.


Sunday, 21 April 2024

5.30PM (BST)  12.30PM (EDT) 

1.5 hours Activation

Limited Seats Available

A webinar to renew oneself with soul healing, breaking free from limitations, and reveal the highest energy in your matrix under the Scorpio Full Moon

“I have been called and guided for this work as it is crucial at this present time. You will be transformed in the depths of your being.”

Namaste, Karen 

Do you feel disconnected from your soul purpose?

Are lifelong traumas and toxic patterns still present in your life?

Do you feel unconscious behaviour patterns are always leading your life?

Are you looking to attract self-love and receive healing energies?

Do you feel imbalances in your own energy, lack joy, and have lost your soul connection?

Are you feeling that it is time to live your dream life?

If you say yes to any of these questions, it’s time for your grand rebirth by healing your soul under the potent Scorpio Full Moon energy!

Just as the Scorpio inspires you to explore your own shadows and foster spiritual growth, feel the potent healing energy that allows you to live a new level of expansion!

This experience will totally shift you within your deep core so you can transform your life and your vision of your soul, leaving all trauma and negative patterns behind. This activation will connect to your multidimensional matrix of energy that will open to your spiritual ascension. Karen has a way to bring you to different dimensions of yourself where she will channel powerful healing energies that will make you shift and transform for life.

Experience the Immense Power of Soul Rebirth this Scorpio Full Moon

Reconnect and Manifest the Energy of Your Soul Purpose

In a world that constantly urges you to push beyond our limits, it’s easy to lose touch with your authentic self and carry unresolved and lifelong trauma your whole life.

Now is the perfect moment to transform your reality under the strong essence of Full Moon in Scorpio, a sign ushering transformation and renewal. The lingering essence of the Eclipse is still invigorating so make the most out of this potent period to welcome your journey of renewal.

Embrace your grand soul rebirth by receiving high-frequency healing for your soul from the Goddess and the cosmos!

With the strong energy of Full Moon in Scorpio, you are called to courageously delve deep into your matrix of energy, your psyche, and your consciousness. It is time to confront your deepest fears and vulnerabilities that have been buried in your matrix.

As you uncover your truth, you allow the powerful frequencies of emotional healing and regeneration to consume you, urging you to step boldly in the revolutionary and empowered “I am Me” energy! Get ready to cultivate authenticity and vulnerability with grace and resilience in this webinar to allow a monumental stage of evolution in your life!

Book your spot now and take the first step to owning your dream life and being connected to your purpose without the barriers from your old energies and negative patterns!

Message From Karen

Prepare for Your Grand Soul Metamorphosis this Scorpio Full Moon

Multidimensional healing begins with tapping into your matrix of energy, exploring the depths of your wounds, barriers, and all forms of trauma that may have been obstructing you to fully embrace your soul’s true purpose.

Karen will delicately bring in these old energies to the surface and unlock your innate gift to self-heal! Experience a liberating sensation in your soul as you shed limiting beliefs about yourself and the world. This is a unique approach designed to be gentle and free of triggers. It’s an interdimensional journey that brings in massive shifts that pave the way to holistic transformations in your life.

Walk into the temple of the Goddess to reignite the soul’s energy, burning away the old, obstructive frequencies. Feel this purifying fire awaken the kundalini, setting the stage for a reactivation of the matrix and a resurgence of soul wisdom within your physical and conscious being.

Allow the reopening of your vital energy centres, particularly your solar plexus and crown chakra, for a profound reawakening. You’ll receive deep soul healing in the temple of reincarnation and manifestation, where fear dissipates to reveal a pure state of your soul.

There are no prerequisites necessary—only your presence and a strong desire to shift. You will undoubtedly feel the life-changing effects of this experience because you are called to this work and naturally inclined to receive it.

When You Heal Your Soul, You Pave the Way For Your Grand Rebirth

Your soul holds a vibrant, vital part of yourself, where the birthplace of your joy, curiosity, creativity, and wisdom resides.

Unfortunately, societal demands and expectations often cloud our soul vision. In our quest for acceptance, we sacrifice our authenticity, suppressing the immense magic and breakthroughs we are destined to accomplish in our lives. Over time, we start hiding our inner selves, preventing us from attracting boundless opportunities that are meant for us.

When you heal our soul, we reconnect to the pure essence of who we are and our true purpose. It’s like shedding layers of conformity and restricted self-imposed beliefs that lingered in your system for so long. By sending in healing frequencies of the transformative Scorpio Full Moon, you begin to unlock your sacred space of creativity and joy that empowers you to experience life at a greater height. Embodying the Scorpio energy, consider this a phase of soul rebirth! Prepare to live in a world with a sense of openness and possibilities!

Spiritual Work with the Ascended Masters, Goddess Isis, Metatron, and Archangel Michael

Together, Karen will work with you as she channels the powerful energies of the Ascended Masters, Goddess Isis, Metatron, and Archangel Michael. You will embark on a journey of awakening your true soul power. You’re not just mending a part of yourself, you’re setting the stage for an ultimate transformation of your entire being. This healing process is like a spiritual homecoming, a return to your most authentic self.

Attunement with Mother Earth

Immerse yourself in a serene grounding period that will deepen your sense of unity with Mother Earth, providing a firm foundation that will help you embrace the higher and dynamic energies that you’re about to receive from the cosmos. Allow your inner soul to ignite a phase of renewal and blossoming growth.

Deep Reconnection to Your Soul

As healing permeates from the very roots, moments of introspection will arise, prompting you to delve deep into the constraints and deepest desires of your soul. The power of channelled healing frequencies will help gently release these hindrances and connect you to your manifestations with astounding clarity.

Soul Rebirth at the Temple of the Goddess

With immense guidance and the surge of high energy activation, you will journey to the sacred halls of the Temple of the Goddess that will bestow profound insight and enlightenment emanating from the sacred Goddess energies. As the old and obsolete energies dissolve, your true soul knowledge and heightened consciousness arise to foster the emergence of the new YOU.

You will receive revelatory truths about you and your soul path in this magical moment.

Solar Plexus and Crown Chakras Healing

There will be room for deep transformation and revitalisation of your vital energy centres, particularly your solar plexus and crown chakra.  Receive profound enlightenment as you recognise your unity with the Divine (crown chakra) and find the inner strength to pursue your soul mission amidst obstacles (solar plexus).

Seize this moment to harmonise with the cyclical rhythms of the celestial bodies, embracing the season of growth and transcendence. It’s time to dissolve any hindrances and start manifesting your deepest desires by revealing the authentic essence of your soul with deep healing.

Remember, you are an expression of the Divine energies, a source of joy and abundance within yourself. It only needs healing, shifting, and expanding to foster your grand soul rebirth!

Praise from the community

I can't express enough gratitude for the Healing of the Inner Child. The energy was beautifully channelled, especially when Karen introduced us to the Room of Creation. For the first time, I’m no longer hiding from the wounds of my inner child! I’m restored with self-love and trust my inner compass more because there is no room for doubts and fears in my energy.
Sofia B.
Karen, you are truly a gift to those who want to embrace their path to self-discovery and empowerment! I’m so glad that I attended the Goddess Equinox Activation Webinar because I learned to honour my emotions again and tap into my higher self. Truly incredible webinar!!
Farah D.
Joining the Reactivation of Your Soul Purpose webinar was truly a gift to my soul. It was my first time attending Karen’s event and I felt at ease with the profound atmosphere she created to foster healing. I feel more aligned with my spiritual path and empowered to embrace self-love and positivity each day. Thank you for this enlightening experience!
Lina H.
Reactivation of Your Soul Purpose is one of the best things you can give to yourself if you’re looking for realignment and harmony after enduring a challenging period. Through Karen’s guidance and channelled connection, I gained clarity on my soul's purpose and felt reinvigorated to pursue my passions with renewed vigour. I am deeply grateful for attending the webinar and this won’t definitely be the last.
Mathilda M.
The Attracting Your Soulmate webinar surpassed all my expectations! This event focused on internal work and empowering individuals to cultivate their own growth. I’ve gone through a challenging divorce and Karen’s emphatic approach deeply moved me. I left the event feeling hopeful and inspired, with a newfound sense of self-awareness to manifest my soulmate.
Debbie R.
Karen's nurturing presence and profound understanding of consciousness were truly remarkable. I am deeply grateful for the profound insights I gained from her and I can’t wait to attend more of her events in the future. I recommend attending her webinars as an essential component of your healing journey, as well as for anyone seeking clarity and personal growth.
Yena D.

Meet your guide

Best-selling spiritual author, professional, dancer, business leader, and 30-year, multidimensional energy healer and, channeler of ascended masters, archangels, and extradimensional beings who has helped thousands of clients integrate and ascend.

Video Sneak Peek

Seize this captivating moment for soul rebirth and healing, where you can witness your own miracle by discovering your purpose and mission! It reminds us of interconnectedness with the universe and how we are destined to mirror its seasons of change, renewal, and profound transformation!

Let’s continue expanding and attracting a life of love, harmony, and light!


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