We are all Artists of our lives

We are all Artists of our lives

Meditation is being yourself.

That is why I always said it is not a technique because nothing can teach to be who you are. There are techniques to stop being something else than you are. And you should try them all. But when you have found the connection inside, you need nothing but your instant intention to connect.

It is an infinite small moment in time. It is also happening somewhere in yourself.

You may want to learn to connect in that sacred space. It is also an infinitely small space inside you.

It would be the sacred point in your spiritual heart. Usually located in the middle of your heart chakra. But that is my intuitive take. And I know it is right.

But you need to find it for yourself.

Each time you want to connect you will travel instantly to that point, merge with it and allow the connection. With sacred intent always.

That is the key.

What is sacred intent? It is this will you have inside that really wants to discover the real self, the divine seed in you. It is a true commitment. To yourself, to life, to creation that you belong to. You know deeply it is a sacred act to connect with your soul, and you want to do it. You feel a calling, a need, a desire. You feel a passion. Nothing is more light and enlightening than this desire.

This point connects your sacred heart, universal point in you that connects you the universal energy that feeds you and that you belong to.

In a way I tried to un-dramatize the whole process of connecting inside, of meditation but really as you can found out it is the most sacred act in your life because you are connecting to your sacred self the one that is connected to the higher presence, the one that conveys the higher energy, the universal purpose.

It starts like a relaxing idea but it really is a sacred activity.

Connecting to that point inside has been taught in secret societies of Egypt, Maya, kabbalah and other spiritual cultures. It is the sacred link to God, to our godhood.

That is not small. And really it is also and should be like a daily routine to always remember who we are. We are not supposed to live a life of forgetfulness, living like beings with no spirit, only minds. It is driving us really in a wall of feeling purposeless. And I experienced this feeling big times in my life.

And that is why my soul is driving me with passion to purpose. Hopefully.

That is why I am restlessly wanting to understand more.

But I always experienced that the most genuine actions in your life are often leading to the sacred.

I use my own tools while I am meditating. And I am happy to share them with you later. But please find yours, the ones that will help you clear the tension, the unnecessary, the stuff that does not belong to you. Find that grace when you connect and remember it.

The rejuvenating factor.

As you connect to a higher frequency inside of yourself, you are basically opening a channel of fresh and higher energy to your soul, which has virtues of rejuvenation.

Sleep does it for the body and the mind. Meditation does it for your soul, your mind and your body. It is the best anti-oxidant. It is the best relaxing pill. It is the best pleasure hormone.

You can call on your guides, helpers, teachers in that moment of connection. They will join. That is their mission. And opening up to a higher energy is really like allowing your energy to suit theirs to come and help you. An energy field of tension, or scattered by lower emotions is sadly closing the channel to potential clearer energies. Those energies bring you clarity, healing, messages etc…

So yes meditation is the sacred door to channeling.

Channeling wisdom and higher energy.

We are all potential channels. It is part of our nature. Why?

Because we are simply part of a whole matrix of energy. There is no limit. We merge in it. It merges in us. It is all contained in us, in that sacred point of the sacred heart within, but also in the center of all living cells in us. The infinitely small, the infinitely big.

As we allow ourselves to become that point, we become the doorway for energy, for wisdom, for vibrations.

We are one. Meditation shows us the way.

As you allow this sacred connection, you will receive more and more energy that you will find new or surprising but really it is part of you.

Our souls come in with specific knowledge from past lives or from soul heritage. As you connect with the channel of your soul you will receive information of this schooling.

Also your soul has different links and connections with some higher beings or angels. When you meditate, you can learn to listen, receive wisdom from those connections and beings.

Channeling can also be of creativity.

Meditating is the royal way to creativity.

Artists know how to connect with their creativity. They all have their own ritual to get into the grove of it. Of really connecting with their deep self that will come and create through their hands, eyes, ears etc…

Artists love to be alone in their creative process. They know how to prepare themselves to receive and then create.

It is the same with all activities. We actually don’t realise that all we are doing in our life need our creativity, our intuition, our personal input.

We all need to be able to tap into ourselves to bring ideas, light, energy to everything we are involved in in the most common activities.

Creativity is not limited to artists. We are all artists of our lives.

And at each moment we create. We tap into our self.

And this is possible when we honor our time with ourselves.