‘ I am a soul that is guided by a desire to fulfill my soul presence, my spiritual journey here and it manifest by the daily quest of creating joy, of sharing love and happiness around me. I am someone who enjoys enjoyment of each and every moment. ’

Watch And Be Inspired

Activation for the 555 Portal Day

This is an incredible opening of a higher energy today It’s literally offering you to boost your prayers of higher energy, it’s allowing you to access the clearing of old karma.
It is open in your field of energy to your dreams
Wow let’s do it
Let’s enjoy that magic!
It may feel different in the body though like tiredness or heaviness I open exceptionally the field of energy and create an activation for you, as well as an amazing clearing with Archangel Michael and the Earth

Invite lightness into your life and be free

Here we focused on clearing our energetic field of limitations and possibilities, by becoming the Eagle.

Detaching and zooming out of your life to take a “birds eye view”.

Finding frustrations in your life and understanding that they are the product of our expectations.

Clearing our mind our consciousness and becoming free again. Invite lightness into your life and be free to express and embody your divine beautiful self, always! Namaste.

Energy Healing Meditation for Self-Love

Energy Healing Meditation for Self-Love

This meditation was about soothing our bodies with the healing energy of our higher self and Mother Earth We all need soothing in a period of intense transformation and changes. We need to open up our inner space to more beauty that we hold to more self-trust and release all the old weights and beliefs. Feeling much lighter and opened after the meditation to positive field of life. Enjoy it. Namaste

Meditation for Self Love and Self Respect

Reconnecting to Self-Love and Self Respect.

What an incredible energy we received from Mother Earth this evening!

Receiving the energy within our sacred heart, as well as receiving the divine healing energy of the Pleiadean light, which was dancing with our Soul and higher self.

This evening we focused on shifting away our heaviness and bringing back the self-respect and the self-love. This is very important work we are partaking in at the minute.

To be aware of our self judgments, in order to lighten up and achieve our progress of allowing more space to align to the higher vibration of who we are.

Meditation with Mother Goddess and Archangel Michael

Meditation with Mother Goddess and Archangel Michael

We opened ourselves to sacred energies of the Goddess of Mother Earth and all in the presence of Archangel Michael.

This meditation is a gift for the Holidays week a gift of healing clearing with their energies.

Archangel Michael helps release old blockages, the Goddess healing the Heart and the soul link, Mother Earth your link to her your grounding and your sacred fire.

Meditation for Self Love and Self Respect

Channeling the guidance for 5D living.

This massive shift in human consciousness is collectively bringing our future to the now.

The awaited Aquarian Age is moving us past old patterns, collective challenges, attitudes, beliefs, and systems are coming to the surface as we enter into 5D.

Listen as I explain the key principles guiding us in 5D.

Full Moon Meditation for Rebirth with Goddess Kali

Full Moon Rebirth Meditation with The Goddess Kali

We prepared ourselves to receive the Full Moon Energy and shift into ourselves. We connected deeply with Mother Earth and with our own deeper self. We also received the presence of Kali, the Goddess of Death and Rebirth to enable us to burn away our old patterns and open our fields up to the new energy of ourselves.
It was beautiful channeling, thank you.

Morning meditation for Self-Love

Re-Aligning to Self-Love

This is a magical short meditation for when you need to unplug from your stress and release much of the built up tension and non-loving energies. I then invite you to reconnect with self-love, balance and self-respect.

Please use this as much as you need it because your soul needs you to remain balanced, because you need balance and self respect as the foundation to feel self love, to feel amazing and creative and experience the enjoyment of life, in the here and now!

How to Realign to Your Presence during a Shocking Life Event

Realigning to Your Presence During a Shocking Life Event

What is the impact on us of this huge shock that we are living right now? As human beings we all react and find our protections; Contracting ourselves inside in protective reflexes, stopping the flow of information from the soul.

Actually when we connect to our inner self, we are able to tap into an amazing capacity of resilience and positivity. Resilience is your capacity to allow flexibility in your response to events, and find inner resources to become more balanced and resistant to shock.