Transmute Negative Energy Into Peace and Joy
FREE Meditation and Activation Session That Will Help You Transcend to a Higher Vibration!

Are there areas within yourself that you find it hard to heal?

Do you have recent experiences that have negatively affected you, and you can’t seem to let go of it?

Join Karen Ruimy as she takes you on a powerful guided meditation and activation session where you will learn how to source Divine Light to heal your inner child and connect to your Higher Self!

Karen is channelling the healing and guiding energies of the Goddess and the Ascended Masters for you in this meditation, as it is her gift to do so!

This is a highly enriching ritual that you can do anywhere. Experience this empowering moment where you bring light to the deepest parts of yourself, while giving yourself the graceful strength to face anything in the future.

What You’ll Experience In This Session:

Clearing and balancing your chakras, while reigniting your power through these energy centres.

Bring light and healing to every cell of your body, your DNA, and emotional wounds.

Simple yet powerful breathing exercises that rejuvenate your mind, heart, body and soul.
An activation of sacred energy that flows from the Sun and Mother Earth, to your light channel that courses through your entire being.

Receive divinely-inspired messages and visions to help you along your path.

Transform old energies into a source of strength and light that will manifest graceful changes in your life.

Your Guide In This Activation

Karen Ruimy is a bestselling spiritual author, professional dancer, business leader, and 25-year, multidimensional energy healer, and channeler of ascended masters, archangels, and extradimensional beings who has helped thousands of clients integrate and ascend. This guided meditation has been part of a decades-long practice that assists people in bringing light into any form of negativity, and transmuting it to the energy of strength, peace and joy.

This is the most enriching meditation session that will help heal your traumas and negative experiences.

Every minute of this meditation is a moment of bliss – which can propel you towards living your highest calling.

It doesn’t get any better than this! You are about to experience a powerful session that can create a shift into your life.

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