Time to go back to my true nature, to the Goddess.

Time to go back to my true nature, to the Goddess.

Namaste. You have held yourself through some clearings and shifting times for you and your beloved and you are coming back to the light and the lightness within.

I am ready for a new era of life, ready to enjoy life again. A new life is coming to me and to us all with the energy of 2018.

I want to recreate each moment of my life like a painting of light and pleasure.
Finding my true nature
Finding my voice
Finding my joy
Listening to the goddess within
Finding my truth
Finding my softness, because you feel good as you respect yourself.
Finding that this softness is the mother of the creative soul.

I am obsessed with keeping the energy as high as possible throughout the day.
As Abraham Hicks says playing with the higher energy in yourself
Reaching out to this realm in yourself – that’s it.
That is my effort every day.

This is the true religion of our era.

Letting go of our old reflexes of negativity, this old paradigm that feels so heavy to carry over our souls, on our path, negativity that is becoming so dysfunctional in our lives…

Finding the positive vision of your life, of your moment, of whatever experience is in the moment. Staying in the present of the experience. Visualising the experience with what you wish, what you see in the future, staying focused.
Keeping the optimistic vision of the experience.
Staying open to life energy changes and shifting.
Being flexible… Being soft…. Being loving
Being curious to what life is bringing, to how life is responding to you and your visions…. Embracing your experience….Embracing your own energy.
Staying focused in your present in all situations…

Don’t let your mind drift into the past with regrets or complaints, they are just grey energy that will lower your actual bright energy of joy, of creativity.

Don’t let your mind play with the fear of the future, or with the worrying. They also are energies that kill the bright energies of hope, of creativity, of enjoyment.
We all learn from our culture and families to worry for the future and keep regrets and sorrows of the past. Do not let yourself be overcast by these energies. They are just pure imagination. We have all been raised with these habits. There are the seed of self-sabotage, of self-distrust. They take you out of your magic flow, of your soul destiny. You are always there fighting these dark ideas that are coming from you, from your surroundings, that you have believed and accepted within you.

Oulala clear them as much as you can!

Set yourself clear and free from these fear-based thoughts and let your energy be free and lighter. Don’t look at times in your life like a heavy background of fearful thinking. No, let it be like a field of amazing possibilities… Of open skies, of opportunities, of doors opening, of people welcoming you.

Open the field of possibilities in your life as you believe deep in yourself that it is open and welcoming. So that you have the desire to step into that field of freedom and only into beautiful energy.

Believe in your freedom ahead.
Believe you have the power to create the future you love.
Believe your present is your power.
It is what you like it to be.
Embrace it with openness, love and lightness.

And from there each moment will bring more freedom of choice. And your future will be simply the opening of that field of living…

Be open and stay high babe!