Thriving SOUL – The GODDESS Energy

Thriving SOUL – The GODDESS Energy

Life is always bringing me even more to the core of who I am, of what all women are, of what the Goddess is. This amazing energy that allows you to live life fully from all the pores of your skin… All your nerves, your tears, your laughs, your fragility, your fierce look, your amazing YOU that build worlds and crosses mountains just with the blink of an eye.

Because you know that inside you there is this immense strength of the Goddess. This immense and powerful spirit that inhabits you and that gives life to all that you do, to all that you imagine, to all that you think and hope for the world.

Even though the world sometimes loses the beauty of what it is, loosing itself in small, constraining fears and judgments, limiting, limiting …our resources, our hopes, our dreams…

Yet inside me there is this dragoness, raging with a desire to live that life fully, SO fully that I am frightening everyone!

Don’t you remember we are all so freaking beautiful and powerful with energy?!?

I am SO inspired at this moment.

Give me more.

My soul is thriving.

Being the dragoness…

Inside this feeling what you will find is this powerful being ready to thrive.

But before entering the dragoness energy – please remember to clear all the layers of “please can I be?”, “sorry I am”, “omg they won’t understand me” and so on…

Please stop all these kind of feelings and keep it real.

Who are you truly?

What do you want to show up as?

Do you want to wear a crazy costume or a white t-shirt because it feels good to your soul at this moment? Then do. And see how you radiate.

Radiate from inside and the t-shirt will look a million dollars on you!

Just be what you want to be and honour that. Be the inspiration that you hold inside. Cry, shout, write, draw, create, be, simple or not, express and enjoy who you are.

Don’t make the mistake not to.

Because nobody will give you that back.

Only YOU can.

Only you can tap inside of you. And discover yourself.

Please show the world what you have in there and share it.

Because if you were gifted with it, it is there to express and to share.

It is there to benefit others.

The world needs the goddess that you carry.

The world is a puzzle of energies fitting together, exchanging together.

They are all needed.

There is not one that is similar to the other.

But we have been raised in this mentality.

Everybody wants the same seat, job, gift whatever it is.

We all think this way, and this creates fear, competition, jealousy…

Actually it is the opposite.

When one is finding its right voice, it is helping the other ones to find theirs.

Because it is inspiring.

Because we are complementary.

Because we are one.