The Goddess Speaks… Bountiful Energy in You.

The Goddess Speaks… Bountiful Energy in You.

Be well.

Breathe in and out,

Breathe in who you are,

Connect with who you are.

You are an energy,

You are a being of light.

You express in different matters and different forms,

You love expressing your energy of yours,

And it is perfect.

When you connect to your source there is no stress.

When you connect to your source there is no sense of limitation,

And you know it!

You tap into this source and all is perfect.

You tap in to this source and it feeds your imagination and it soothes your brain.

When you get the inspiration, take it, write it, create it, let it go.

Don’t overthink it.

Then go back to your centre.



Breathe in and out.

Release the stress you have accumulated from dealing with the world.

Go back to the root of the next thing, the root of inspiration.

Breathe in the fresh energy.

The fresh desire.

Do not linger with the residues of whatever is past.

Give it a fresh and new energy.

Respect what you do like that.

Respect your time by always starting fresh in a project, in a moment.

Give the moment a chance to be a new life experience, a great moment of enjoyment and love. Don’t bring your disappointment or anything of a lower energy to the moment of creation.


That is the key.

Refresh always.

Enjoy all experiences as you just show up on the planet for it.

Don’t mix the energies.

You will connect then to the unlimitedness of creativity.

Bountiful energy.

You can visualise this energy in you as you close your eyes and connect to your inner self, rooted in your heart.

You will receive this energy visually and through many senses.

Allow this to happen.

You are doing it with your different gifts.


Bountifully 🌺🌺