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The Goddess Pendulums

“Dowsing, or the use of a pendulum as a divination tool, can do wonders whenever you need answers at any given moment. I have been using pendulums in my spiritual journey, and I share these blessed tools so you can be guided in your life’s questions and divination practice. Connect with your very own pendulum and let it bring magic to your life!”Karen Ruimy

The Goddess Pendulum is an incredible tool you can use in your spiritual journey. It can be used for divination, guidance, spiritual healing, and inner growth. It provides clarity to your life’s most pressing questions. Once you connect to your pendulum and practice with it everyday, it will elevate your psychic skills, divination practice, and journey on your spiritual path.

You can choose different crystals as your Goddess Pendulum – Tiger’s Eye, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Amethyst. Choose which crystal resonates with you the most to create a fruitful connection with this tool in your spiritual practices.

Tiger Eye

The Tiger's Eye Goddess Pendulum helps to expand awareness, create innovation, and embody courage within you.

Clear Quartz

The Clear Quartz Goddess Pendulum helps with clearing your energy and gaining clarity in life. This is a great tool for your meditation and manifestation work.

Rose Quartz

The Rose Quartz Goddess Pendulum helps in clearing emotional blockages and promoting self-love. It balances all chakras and attracts positive energy.


The Amethyst Goddess Pendulum activates spiritual awareness and enhances psychic abilities. Great for acquiring deep insights and connecting to Divine consciousness.

The Goddess Collection

Get all of the Goddess Pendulums in one collection! This set comes with four pendulums in Amethyst, Tiger's Eye, Clear Quartz, and Rose Quartz crystals.

How the pendulums can help you

Spiritual Healing:

Use your Goddess Pendulum in dowsing, which helps you seek out invisible energies or locate any blockages in energy – whether for yourself or others.


Get answers to your most important questions to receive awareness, guidance, and understanding by using the pendulum as a divination tool.


Spiritual Awareness

Connect to the Universal Mind and your subconscious by allowing the pendulum to answer you.


Balance Your Chakras:

Your pendulum can pick up on subtle variations in your body so that you can clear and balance your chakras.

Spiritual Significance Of The Pendulum Crystals

Tiger’s Eye

Helps to expand awareness, gain clarity, and increase your ability to see new ideas and solutions. It’s known as the stone of courage which helps you grow your confidence and strength.

Clear Quartz

Amplifies your energy and aids concentration. It can help balance your energetic system. Enhances mental clarity and helps with emotional stability. You can also use this crystal for meditation, restoration, and manifestation work.

Rose Quartz

Promotes feelings of self-love, nurtures emotional health, releases emotional blockages, and balances the chakras. It can also be used in your spiritual work to attract love, joy and abundance.


Activates spiritual awareness, opens the intuition, and enhances psychic abilities. It also relieves stress, strain, mood swings, and anxiety. It takes away negative emotions and energies. Amethyst can also initiate wisdom and increase intelligence.

The pendulums come in luxury velvet pouches with a note from Karen Ruimy herself and an instructions card. Use these pendulums as you seek divinely guided answers or as an aid in your energy clearing practices.

As you receive your Goddess Pendulum, a powerful connection occurs that will help you on your spiritual journey.