The Goddess is Dancing

The Goddess is Dancing

She is dancing with life events.
She is seeing stuff coming and going. 
She is still herself, enjoying herself, twirling and dancing. 
Nothing can disrupt her life of joy, of accomplishment.
She is dancing with her life. 
There is no way she will stop because that is who she is, what she is.

That is the lesson of your day.
Connect to your inner goddess
Connect to your inner source.

The energies around you have been influencing you,
but you cannot allow your path to be dependent on them.

You are who you are.

Your energy path is strong. 
You have a vision of yourself, of your life.
You hold the flame of love and light.
You hold dear your dreams inside yourself.
You hold the desire to progress and expand your consciousness.

You are stronger than nature, because you are part of nature, you are part of it. You decide with nature the nature of your day, of your energy.

You decide who you want to be in the midst of all that is happening.
Be strong. Be faithful.
Hold your flame.
Hold your energy high. 
Hold your desires strong. 
Hold your faith like the beacon of light wherever you go. 
And who ever you will meet will feel it and benefit from its vision.

Hold the flame.
The world is shaking. 
You are who you are.
All light indeed.

The goddess is dancing and that is the symbol to tell that no matter what happens in the world, keep dancing, keep your harmony, keep your rhythm.

Keep the link to your higher source. 
Keep the energy flowing from it. 
Keep the connection feeding you.
Meditate. Pray. Dance.
Dance with your life as you know it, 
And life will dance with you. 
You create the flow as much as it creates your energy.
Dancing is being and celebrating your energy in your life.
It is creating a good energy.
It is creating.
It is celebrating.

Being in the rhythm you create or the rhythm you hear,
the rhythm is the one of life itself.

Dancing in its rhythm connects you the supreme source of energy.

Dancing means more than the art of dancing.
Dancing means you are embracing the joy of participating to the movement of life, the positive creativity of life.

You are not living in denial of the flow of life. 
The rhythm is calling you and when you grasp it, you are dancing with these invisible forces of life. And it is such a pleasure and it is such a blessing. 

And life becomes the pure pleasure of being. 
Life becomes a dialogue. 
The rhythm feeds your energy and you feed life with your energy.

It is an infinite exchange of love.

It takes you to listen to the rhythm. 
To respect it. To respect your own rhythm. 
You learn to synchronise these two rhythms. 
And you become one. 
And therein lies the supreme pleasure of life.