The Energy of the Morning

The Energy of the Morning

I want to go back to how you should and  can live your instant moment of meditation.

Each one of us comes from a different spiritual genre, school, history. All souls have different backgrounds, ways of expressing.

In my case when I wake up, I just feel so connected to my soul.

People could think I am grumpy but really I am so connected that all mundane energy or information coming to me the first hour I am awake is feeling like a weird body of energy to me. It makes me uncomfortable.

I need to honour it. And really it started as I was so small. I had to go to school very late because God knows why, I needed time to get back in this reality.

And it is still the same today. My family knows I am very peculiar. I need that long hour to be a human normal being.

So basically this is a moment of meditation for me. Whatever I do for this first hour is a meditation in action.

And I don’t need to sit in a lotus position.

I need to honour that sacred energy and time when my soul needs to express in my being, my body. During this time I am connected to my inner being strongly. And  even if I am talking to others or having my breakfast, I am just meditating.

Hard to believe.

No that is how I function.

This first hour of my day is a connected hour to my soul.

 I know it. I live it as such. Each time I ignored it, it finishes like a wrong energy. I regret, I get upset, I am grumpy to others. Anybody around me cannot talk functioning subjects with me if this hour has not been honoured.

So my technique is always wake up one hour before human life enters me. So no drama happens.

I usually have a ritual during this hour. But no matter I am doing then, I am in connection with my inner being. And each day it does have different levels of frequency. Sometimes low, sometimes really high.

Another thing is that during the day I usually need another hour to connect. Basically I need to empty myself from the world again, and let myself just be in this nothingness. Connect with my soul if possible.

It always starts with relaxation. Cutting yourself from the world. Allowing this is so important. Letting the energy release tension.

Then instant connection to the soul, to the inner world can happen.

Sometimes just a feeling of release. Sometimes a feeling of peace. Of rejuvenation.

Sometimes a glimpse of clarity on a subject I am involved in.

Sometimes an idea.

But most importantly know what level of stress you are in. And allow your best way to relax to happen. Whatever it takes for you. Read a magazine. A book. Self massage. Smell a scent. Lay down flat on the floor- that is so efficient.

Start a meditation with a technique you love. Jump. Sing. Dance. Put some music on. Cook your food. Help others. A million ideas really

What I want to share really is that connecting with myself is part of my way of life. It is part of my well-being, of my mental health, of my physical health. Because that is in my nature to be really connected otherwise I am so upset and unhappy that I need those moments. In a way they really impose themselves to me because also I listened to my inner self who guided me towards this way of being.

So also what I want to share here is that you have your own way.

How much you need, when you need to do it, how many times a day, how etc…those answers are very personal. And it is your own sacred path to find out for yourself what works, what benefits the best for you

You are your own master. Life will teach the most beneficial way for you.

You start listening to life and you will feel the benefits of all you are trying. The experience will teach you. And no book or other will know better than you what works for you.

You can read and try all techniques, and it is a great learning. You will find out what works, what delivers the magic. You will create your own magic. You are the alchemist of these moments of connection. Don’t mistrust this.

I also believe in a rhythm of connecting with yourself. I believe in 3 during the day. It is my own intuitive knowledge. 3 will create balance in the connection. It does need to be long but it needs to be sharp and as pure as you can so the benefit is real. One second of pure connection to the best level you can afford is enough and so much better than a long meditation without the heart, without the spark of the pure energy. Make that second like a lightning in your consciousness. As you feel it, have a deep breath so the energy is cleared and the light you are calling in is conveyed all in your body and spirit.