Surrender… on the Path of Creating….

Surrender… on the Path of Creating….

I feel a very soft and relaxing energy invading me. 
I allow it to invade all particles of my body, of my being.
I allow this wellness to stay with me.
I surrender to it.
This will be my energy today as a point of reference.

I am up for a great experience in my life.
I am up for showing joy.
I am up for creating joy today in me, and around me. 
I want people to be lightened up by my joy.
I am up for a great life.

I will look at obstacles with wonder of what the path wants to show me. What does life has in store for me?

Things change along the path, unexpectedly, but always for the highest good. Magnetic fields are always aligning to all energies in play.

If a stop shows up, it is for a reason. 
There is no way the flow is asking you to struggle.

It is asking you to let go, not to hang on something that is not right for you, for your peace. 

It is asking you to surrender.

Time to transform you and the situation around you will do also.
What is right for you will show the way.

We only don’t want to see, nor to agree, as we are closing our minds to our initial plans. When they don’t work, we panic, we push and push until we are exhausted, and depressed and anxious etc…

Letting go then…

The other way will show up.
Let it come to you.
Let it happen.
Embrace your change.

Allow the new energy to penetrate all your particles of being.
Let your mind be refreshed.
Let your body relax and stretch out the tensions you have accumulated.
Let your soul in again, as when we are in an anxious state, we block the channel to spirit. We are just living out of physical energies, the spiritual energies are not flowing.

I am up for the flow of joy. 
I receive the light energy this morning in my spiritual moment.
I will express it in my physical life.

Not believing in this struggle I have let in my life. 


Karen x