Stress relief – Mindfulness meditation

Stress relief – Mindfulness meditation

Are you looking for “how to deal with stress”? So you are on the right page. Here is you will find mindfulness meditation and stress relief techniques from Karen. 

 Make yourself comfortable and let’s start it. You will see the results won’t keep you waiting.

All is well

This is a game,

Play in it, with it,

Don’t take it too seriously

Let it happen now.

You give lots of energy,

Let the universe blossom your desires.

Let go of the hold,

Of the stress. Stress relief and 

It is hard to believe,

But that is how it really works…

You dream,

You create,

You give energy and you let go.

Don’t over-give otherwise you are depleted,

You give in balance.

What is important in your life?

Your balance.

Going to visit your family,

Your healer that loves you.

Go to your sacred places,

Keep your balance,

Keep your moments of bliss.

Your angels, your teachers, they are here to help.

Use their help more.

Any drama let it go, let it be transmuted into pure light.

Expand and don’t let the fear trap you and retain your expansion.

Be grounded often, ground yourself not to loose your balance.

Now breathe in this light energy into all your body and recognise inside your deep energy of wisdom.

Your centre.

Your love for life and yourself, your love,

Your energy,

Your balance.

Don’t lose the thread of the plot.

This is just an expression,

Not a life.

Life is within your self,

Life is your pleasure of living,

Watching nature,

Enjoying your friends, your children,

Enjoying life,

Not wrestling with life.

Let it create with grace all your desires.

GRACE darling grace.


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