Spring Renewal II

Spring Renewal II

It is spring, the sun is shining, the wind is blowing and you are enjoying every-thing so much. You know you are going to jump into this exciting wave of new life, of new promises.

You are suddenly dedicated to change, in whatever manner it comes. You talk to the universe and you say “Bring it on, I am ready to shift in my life, I cannot wait for the newness coming into my life.” And that is such a feeling of joy, knowing you are going to transform and realise your dreams. In this moment we have so much faith and positive energy. It is important to celebrate and grab it!

Never let go of positive energy coming to you. It is a gift from life, and from your inner self. It releases joy and the right hormones inside you. It is opening your mind to new adventures, while it breaks down the obstacles and makes your fears look small or even disappear for a while! At that moment you are in tune with your soul and the universe.

It can happen anytime during the year but Spring helps you a lot, as Nature is go-ing through the transformation. It is getting ready for blossoming and you are literally receiving through the air the energy of creativity, of freshness, of inno-cence. Your eyes are receiving gorgeous images of blossoming trees… The grass is growing so green, the wind is softer and sweeter. Every particle of nature is imbued in your cells at that moment and transported into the core of your being. The energy of all is lifting your own energy.

Feel this vibration of fresh energy outside in nature. Be in nature. Meditate in the park, in front of the ocean, in a forest…

Try to stay on the wave. But as always there is an ebb and flow, so be aware.


As you have decided to transform, as you embrace this new energy, you will shift many things in you. There begins the realisation that you were holding on to so many things that are no longer suitable for you.

Whenever a new energy comes to you and you embrace it, some old energies in you need to shift, to transform or leave. Each time you decide to progress, life will show you signs of help, signs of encouragement. Take this as a positive boost – as you will have to go through some clearing of older energies weighing you down.

They will show their nose, don’t worry! Through life experiences or inner feel-ings. You will soon know what needs to be addressed and cleared. But if you do your clearing WOW what a feeling of release and hope for the new life to enter your world and be realised.

Yes, after the feeling of ecstasy of spring renewal energy, you will experience the counterpart of clearing. Don’t be discouraged. It is part of the growing process. It is a step for more freedom in yourself. Letting all that does not belong to you an-ymore go. Thoughts, attitudes, patterns, fears, blockages etc… All is part of this ebb and flow of energy.


I will always encourage you to meditate and write about your clearing as it will help to clarify what is lingering in you and holding you up in a life you don’t real-ly enjoy.Practically I also encourage you to do a list of those energies and blockages you want to shift, and a list of all the dreams and changes that are waiting to come your way. It will give you a map of recreating your life, inside and outside. As you write them down you will gain a clearer vision of what needs to be ad-dressed and it will also show you how can you can make your dreams come more alive.

So enjoy your time of connecting with yourself, reading about your inner life and discovering your exciting changes.

Spring is a blessing!