Spring Energies : Focus On Your Goals

Spring Energies : Focus On Your Goals

It is funny when you feel inside of you the energy of inspiration, of wanting to create, but you don’t know where to channel it.

You feel like a dog arriving in a park, you just want to run. But you don’t know what is the focus nor the ideas for you to create from. You just feel the rise of an amazing surge of positive energy.

I stop for a moment and ask the goddess what is going on…

The planet is rebirthing from its winter; the energy of creation and re-creation is powerful and everywhere, the birds are singing loudly. The whole energy system sustaining you is vibrating suddenly to another vibration. And it is sudden. It’s like a flower out of a bud, it happens so quickly. You feel you missed the process of evolution. Winter, Spring. it is there.

You love it but you feel unprepared. Am I going to run like the mad dog and use up my energy on anything in front of me?

Yes you can honour and celebrate this energy!

Sing it out.

But also sit down if you can for a minute. Let this energy inside you speak to you, give you some hints about what it is for you.

You can just spend this bank of fresh energy the way you want, express it the way you want in your life. But how good it would be if you tune into yourself, and find out what would make you happy and be pro-active with it.

Time to pull out of the mad young energy and sit down for a minute and watch your inner program.

Find time for relaxation. Know you will enter your inside cave, and connect with your inner self. Rest there and breathe in deeply.

Be grateful for the moment of connection, enjoy it for it is who you are, for it is where you find your source of vibrancy, of truth, of self-love, of compassion, of connection to the divine.

You know the energy is bringing you to a kind of explosive mood. You know you need to focus the right energy and use this splash of new energy in the right direction for your whole being, your soul.

Sit straight.
Feel your spine.
Breathe in in it.
Call the white energy to go through your spine.
The energy is filled with sparkles of bright pristine energy.
Let it flow through your spine and spread this vibrancy into your whole body.

Grow a tube of light from your spine downward reaching the center of Mother Earth, and upward reaching the center of the universe, Father Sky.

Be still.
Enjoy the feeling, the powerful energy you are receiving and giving.
Sit in the middle of your heart.

Ask to see what is your sacred path now.
Let your heart chakra reveal.
Listen, watch, smell, feel…
You will receive the information you need.

Transform yourself with the help of the fresh energies the universe if showering you with.
Focus on your goals.