Smoky Sparkles or Choose Your True Path

Smoky Sparkles or Choose Your True Path

In meditation today I realised my life programme was set up on a kind of wrong pattern. And I see myself run run running for different activities. And I found myself tired yet still running for stuff and not really enjoying it.

I am still not sure why…
Are the things I am running for feeding me?
Truly for myself? Or is it just having fun for the fun of it?

Fun is good but it has to bring you some joy for your heart, not just excitement that disappears like these smoky birthday sparkles. It is exciting but not really bringing any lasting light just a terrible smell of smoke.

What is my life about?
What is so important?
What is making me happy in a deeper way?
What am I supposed to be doing to fulfil my dreams?

Going back into these chains of actions until I reach the root of what made me decide to be in these creations or actions in the first place.

Why am I here doing this? Or being in this moment in this experience?

And I know it always feels a weird question to ask – but really
What are you supposed to do and be at this moment?

There is not one answer, many choices, many opportunities.

Sometimes we are at the end of the long chain of actions, and we are there at the tip of the mountain and feeling a bit estranged from our life.
Am I sure it is right to be there at that moment.

We all live a life of what is proposed in front of us, we want to be part of a social excitement, we don’t want to be apart from a movement, we all want to be part of something that will give us a sense of belonging.
Belonging to a group, a family, an entity that gives us a sense to our life.
A reassurance we are loved, or that we are loveable.

We are part of something tangible. Thank god otherwise we panic being alone. We are reassured we are doing the good thing…

But there, looking at the landscape of life with a bit of doubt, of wonder…
Going back the root of this life choice…. Of who I want to be in this world….

What is my soul path that fills me with true joy?
What are the expressions of my deep self that I need to let happen in order to thrive? To feel that deep joy?

Something deep and stable inside, that gives you the sentiment you want to hug life and say I love you life!!! And I scream it in this moment when I find my true self expressing.

But it is a journey to get there.
Your will is the key to it.
I want to express my real life, the one that is waiting inside in my deep real self.

And there you will need to spend time with yourself and ask yourself what are your priorities?

How can I facilitate the expression of my love and my gifts?

And there you will know what is the path in front of you…Things will clear. But your ego will always come and ask you to join the circles to belong to because your ego is the one that believes in belonging at any price. And it will tell you to join in the fun activities, for the excitement to belong to a group, to be cool, to be part of the right circle etc….

Hello stop here.
Do your homework.
Write with your heart.
What is really rocking your heart?
What is your real pleasure? your goal?
Letting your love and expression out in the world…
What do you need to organise in the world in order to make that happen?

And the goal is not in the achievement but it is the journey itself.

Learning step by step how to express your soul, to create with your soul. Each moment is a piece of joy that you will add to your energy. And it will not vanish like these smoky sparkles. There are many littles glowing lights in the day and night like stars in the sky. They are building you in this world. They are grounding you, your presence in the world with the real you, the real expression in you.

The more you practice the expression of your soul, the more you feel at the right place at the right moment.
Things will flow. And flow. And bring you fulfilment.

But the sirens will attract you always. Do this, be part of a social opinion, wear that, watch this series, go to this event, do this kind of job. It is cool. It is exciting, it is buzzing. It will make you cool.

Is it what your journey is bringing to you?

You can always try, there is no danger to experience anything. But if the sirens are attracting you because your ego feels less-than or is panicked to miss out the trend, then you will experience the smoky sparkle effect.

Excitement and then smoke and emptiness.

Sense that you belong to a group for a moment and then feel there is no true link to yourself, except on a surface level.
And your heart does not live on the surface.
It has work to do to realise its expression on earth.
It loves it.

Go back to the real essence of your life, the reality of your love for your life.Your meditation, your time with yourself will determine the truth of what is your journey.

And for fulfilling your life.

Go back to the definition of your time.
Write what is your plan.
Be open to life permanent changes.
Be flexible in this contract with life and soul.

But watch your ego. It will always propose you choose the visible fun, far away from the invisible joy. Choosing the smoky path is learning more and more who you are and who you are not.

Because the ego choice is putting a hold on your ascension to light, to your ecstasy of life. This little pause in ascension will need some clearing, but it is good reminder of your soul path and choices.

Chose joy from you heart.
Remember to recognise these smoky sparkles.
And choose the long-lasting candles darling!