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Simon Tandree

Kundalini Energy

Biography :

All Simon wanted to be when he was young was a classical musician, and after many years of training in the UK and abroad, he played in a successful string quartet for many years, touring the world and embracing the stress, adrenaline, and pressure of high-performance living with all that that entailed. As he became more conscious of the toll this was having on his psyche and body, he started to explore Qigong, Yoga, and Meditation as a way to support his system. Gradually, the pull of his ambition for success started to dissolve, and in 2013, he retrained as a Craniosacral Therapist and was invited to join the teaching team guiding other aspiring therapists. Alongside this career change, on the invitation of his Qigong teacher, he began to teach Activated Qigong, first to small groups in person and then online. Simon’s energy system and sensing abilities were further developed with the awakening path of Vortex Healing. 8 years later, here he is – teaching us to embody this awakening while it deepens and sharing with us along the way, too. Energy flows through us, and all we have to do is get out of our own way. 

Free Workshop :

Join this wonderful introduction to the powerful divine feminine energy that runs through us all, called Kundalini. Kundalini moves through your body to clear stagnation, it uses your voice to release emotion, it knows what you need and helps you to melt the blocks to that place. In essence, we are all perfect – and Kundalini energy takes us into the place where we can re-discover that for ourselves. The doubts and fears that run our lives can’t survive in the brightness of this vibration. True healing comes from being seen, truly as we are and this energy allows you to release whatever is blocking that. Join this session with Simon to access your perfect state!

Connect :

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