Senses are keys to your authentic expression

Senses are keys to your authentic expression

I am in an energy that put my self in front of this prayer (poem) from beloved Rabindranath Tagore. And I felt awe, and I felt devotion. Release of fear and guilt as this prayer resonates within me deeply and clear some judgments from our Judeo-Catholic thinking pattern. And I rejoice, feel the release and so forth the joy of celebrating life in all moments of my life, using my sensory capacities.

My soul has always celebrated each moment as a sacred one, finding joy and peacefulness, grace above all. It has been a life long learning that my natural inclination to find grace in each moment was the “right” oath. Yes the society tried to change my true nature, rushing me, tightening my essence in understandable boxes, diplomas, jobs etc… I remember my dear parents laughing about my inclination to prepare myself in my own rhythm, calling me “the turtle” all my life. Then when the energy of passion kicks in, I am suddenly embodying a strong and fast energy that brings me to deliverance of the gift. And it comes as a spur of energy, a lightening in my energy field and I just act on it like I am transformed in a sort of fire energy. Like I switch from meditating and embracing life to firing life with my flamenco dance or putting this energy into action into a special project of my heart.

I know when it appears to me, all my energies are focused like an arrow in the arch.

We all have this capacity, this feeling when we are called to do something aligned with our calling, our passion of the soul. Take advantage of it, all planets are aligned for you to give birth to your calling. The energy is high in you and all around you is supporting you at this moment.

Your passion is not a sin or an inclination to a lower energy but a gift to express. A liberation of your essence. A source of joy.

Your senses are your way to express, experience and enjoy the gift.
They are the branches of your incarnation in a physical experience. That is how your essence can transform your feelings from the soul to your physical experience, back and forth, your senses will translate the experience to your soul.

What a blessing!
How perfect!
Liberate your judgment and enjoy!