Revisiting a Dream

Revisiting a Dream

Revisiting a dream that has shown some blocks, delays or is at a standstill.

When a dream seems far away. Revisit it, redefine it, give your best intentions to it. And then let it go. Let it find its own energy in the cosmos.

Let yourself go elsewhere to understand what is holding you back from the realisation of the dream. Or to understand what is not allowing you to jump into it, to enjoy it, to thrive in it?

What is in the way of the completion of a dream?

Ask the questions.
Please now let go.
Breathe deeply into your lungs, into your whole body, revive your energy, revive your faith.
Stand still for a moment.
Let your energy calm down, relax.
Let all ties go.
Let all pressure fade away for a moment.

You are on a mission to reset your energy because you actually took yourself away from the dream, from your highest energy in your consciousness.

It is time to recharge and go on the road back to this high energy again.
And you know the first step is to realise you went off the road to a broader consciousness.

Let go of the pressures of your world that you have enclosed yourself in for a while. Time to open the windows, to release the stress, the ties etc…
Time to let the air come in and wash away.

It is only in your moment of stillness, of deep well-being that your inner voice will connect again. And only then you will feel a joy from the deep, a very light feeling.

You will want to dance or sing. You will want to celebrate with no reason.

Only at that moment will you receive the energy of the divine that you behold in yourself. At that moment you will be able to connect with the dream, the divine reality that is inside you.

Thank yourself and write the new dream with your inner self.
Write or rewrite. Adjust your old dream to your new reality.

Because you have evolved from the last time you connected to your divine self, and the dream has evolved, so has the world, so have your desires, so has your inspiration.
Yes dreams need to be readjusted all the time because they live their life, they change as you do and as the world changes.

And if you don’t allow it, you are freezing the dream into an old reality.
The dream becomes something else, like a prejudiced idea of a dream.
An old dream feels like an old costume really.
You have great memories of it but you don’t want to wear it, it doesn’t fit the times you are living in.

Don’t block the own process of a dream, of an idea, of an inspiration.
Let it live its own life.
That is the reason you have to let it go, and often, so you don’t imprison it in old energy.

The dream needs to live and flourish in your imagination. Meditate with your dream, let it come to you and show you the possibilities, the next inspiration.

It is very exciting to have a dialogue with the potentiality of life, of your dreams.
It is fascinating that you can have a dialogue with the energies, with the future.

Sometimes I feel nervous as I don’t want to deviate from the amazing possibilities life can bring us. But it is a fear. The potential of vision and promises is wide. And it is exciting to travel in time and in creativity.

You can allow and offer yourself this gift of imagination. It holds a lot of power inside you. The more you spend time with your dreams in your imagination, in your meditation, the more energy you build into the dream. And it can all become reality in the ether, and so all is a possibility then in your physical world.

How exciting ?!

Yes you can enter in total consciousness into your creation of your dream. It is an exercise of entering the reality of the dream through meditation and visualisation.

Letting your inner self travel in time and space into the potential dream.
What you can dream, you can create.

You can tap into the potentiality of your future.
You can create it in your visualisation.
You can tap into the emotions it will bring you.
You can imagine with detail what you would like to create.

It is fascinating how your faith will nourish with future potentiality at the existence of your dream. Then once you have designed it in your consciousness, you have to let it go into the universe, let the world answer you and participate in grace.

It will answer with the adequate energies.
Because all creativity lives in a world of magnetic laws.
You will attract the right energies.
You will be answered by the universe in perfection to what your energies need at the moment.

There is nothing lacking in the answer of the universe, but everything is defined in your energy field.

And this will define what it will attract.
Everything is defined inside yourself, not outside in the world.

The work is inside first.
The dream is created in you.
You are the master of this creation.
It will manifest in response to what you are, what you become.

Work on yourself to transform your reality.