Renewing Energy Ceremony

Renewing Energy Ceremony

I am that I am, all light indeed.

I am peaceful energy.

I can feel it running in my whole body…

Releasing anger,

Let it happen now.

Imagining a subtle rain of light purple energy drops, I am taking a shower in it. It is running over my skin, over my hair, I feel the wetness of it, it is going in my hair, it is permeating my body. When it has washed away the lower energies on me, my skin is glowing and happy, it is vibrant again.  My body is glowing and has a light vibration. I can feel the difference, it is very nice.

Now this rain of energy I let it go through my skin and permeate my whole body.  It slowly, peacefully and gently goes into all parts of me.

I can see it permeating my head and I feel the relaxing effect of it going through my skull bones, then into my brain. I can hear the rain falling and running inside my head, it is like lovely musical rain. I can feel the rain running down the column of my neck. I can feel the tension melting away with the purple rain healing…

My brain is releasing more anger, it is letting it all go. There I pray to the goddess to release it and transmute it into pure light. And I know the goddess will assist me.

As my brain and neck start to release, my breathe is naturally activated. I breathe deeply again after a day of not breathing properly.

I am myself again, this being of light with no worries.

I am that I am, all light indeed.

My throat chakra needs it now too,

Then my heart that suffered…

Then my lower back..

My whole body

And I let this rain of purple energy go through me, inside my body, running and dancing in my cells, washing away the heavy emotions and their residues…

I let the old go away and be transmuted in total grace.

I love it. I can feel my etheric body so light again, I am renewed

and I am so grateful for this moment where I allowed the clearing. Grateful to myself, to the goddess and to mother earth allowing it to happen in me.

I feel my breathing taking the power back, as it was a bit blocked, and I will drink again fresh water, and I will move my body again with a sacred intention, my members will move graciously again very soon.

The consciousness of grace can come back to me…

It is a process of self-love, of self-respect, of accepting the truth and moving on.

Moving on to the new energy, fresh and light. Looking at being again in your divine spark, divine intention.

I am so happy I have taken this voyage of light.


Amen, Namaste