Relationships Are Your Treasures

Relationships Are Your Treasures

Hello! Today I’m going to talk about relationships and how when you meet someone in your life it is always important. Everybody that you meet in this life is someone that will be bringing you a message, an energy, something to share, something to learn. And you will also be bringing something valuable to that person.

There is absolutely no accident when you meet someone in your life. Even a person on a bus, with whom you just have eye contact as your looks cross. From this level of relationship to the level of sharing your life with your partner, everyone’s energy will have an impact on you as yours will on them. There is a whole scale of relationships, but in all of them something is shared and each is a lesson for learning. In each of them something very valuable is waiting for you.

So the first thing is to consider the other person as always important in your life. It’s part of being compassionate and totally open to life, which is the first rule in a life of loving. Be open to relationships in your life and know that you will receive a gift as you allow this relationship to flourish. Obviously you will tell me, “On a bus really?! I don’t care!” But it is always nice to just exchange some nice energy, a smile – it gives you some great energy and hope for your day.

Everyone you meet is a part of your path, a soul encounter.

This is key to what I want to say: everyone that you meet in life is a soul encounter. I believe we are all part of the same essence but we all act with an attraction of different energies throughout our lives, so when we meet someone it means that our energies fit together at that moment and we learn the same lesson or a corresponding lesson together.

Parents receive children when they are born: “So they don’t choose those relationships,” you would say. But they do. Souls are choosing their relationships before they come into this life. And in the same way when you are meant to meet someone in this lifetime you always think it is an accident, but it is not. It is a gift from life that pushes you to this person because you are going to share a lot of things together.

So what happens when you meet someone who is going to be important in your life?

There are two levels of recognition or feeling why someone is important in your life. There is what I call the soul level. When you meet someone at the level of the soul, you will feel a sense of calm, of well being, of peace. The other level is what I call the ego level. This is your ego, your personality that you create in this life as you learn to relate to your environment, your family, your school, your job.

Through your personality you build up your ideas of the world and your judgement of it. So when you meet someone you always have an immediate impression of that person through the eyes of your ego and immediately you form a judgment: “How is this person dressed? What job is he doing? What family is she from, what country, what religion, what colour?”

We have a map of judgement in our mind, in our eyes that is automatic because we are raised and educated in a particular way. We cannot help seeing the world through the filters of our upbringing. So when we meet someone we have a map of judgement that we instinctively view them from. It’s very important to work on this, to clear the maximum amount of judgment you can and be open when you meet someone. Allow this person to exist and to be who she or he is.

It’s important to put that map of judgment aside to free the energy of the moment – and so you are free to receive the right message and perhaps realise the joy of it or the joy you could share together. Sometimes we are so focused on our judgements it ruins the chance for our soul encounters with anyone on this planet!

When you meet someone who becomes important in your life, like a life partner, you have those two levels operating. You have your soul level, which will give you very true feelings and deep knowledge that will tell you; “Wow I feel good when I see this person, when I talk this person. I don’t know why but I feel home.” And the feeling of being home is major, it will help you to know that this person is going to bring you a lot of joy in your life – whether you understand it or not. And the other level working away, is your ego judgment that can prevent you seeing the beauty of a relationship. Or perhaps it will frighten you away, because this person has such and such quality that you think you don’t like, because you have been used to not liking it. I’m obviously not talking about harmful traits here, but habits you think are annoying.

It is very important for you to allow yourself to accept relationships in your life and to try to keep yourself seeing them through the eyes of your soul in your deep inner self. It’s here where you feel, where you truly know if a relationship is good for you or not.

The eyes of the soul.

So when you share life with someone that we call our partner, it usually means that your energies are really attracted to each other. You share a lot of love, but also you share a lot of things in your life that you want to know more about. Very often it happens in a relationship that two partners have a mirror effect. This means that one is reflecting to the other life lessons that are presenting themselves. It is quite amazing you know!

I remember when I was writing about the spiritual process, I would sometimes write about my husband’s life. I would think I was receiving knowledge and wisdom about what he was doing – and what he should be doing and clearing -that was only relevant to him. But at the end of the text I always found that any lesson he was learning: anything he needed to clear or to progress was also relevant to me.

I know deeply through my experience that anything that you share in your life with someone is also meaningful for you. Giving a lesson to someone is absolutely giving a lesson to your self. This means just growing and embracing life, but with someone else it’s beautiful: – you know you are learning but you are learning together – and you are in love.