‘ I am a soul that is guided by a desire to fulfill my soul presence, my spiritual journey here and it manifest by the daily quest of creating joy, of sharing love and happiness around me. I am someone who enjoys enjoyment of each and every moment. ’

Inspirational Reading

Life Is A Sensory Path

There is no doubt we all live in the same world of energies. We are all under the planets influence. We are living in a transformational energy whatsoever we think about life.

The energy that surrounds us and feeds us at any moment is a field of different levels of consciousness, from the higher consciousness which we can’t access with our human minds but we do with our spiritual centre, this field of consciousness sustains us and surrounds us. We are all its guests, but we are all part of it too. We respond to it and we all participate in this grand ball of energy that life is.

A little blog on stress…

I met Jane when she checked me onto my flight to NY, after a day of struggling to get everything right… Our passports at the embassy, visas etc. with all kinds of blocks popping up impeding us to travel on time… You know the system… the usual things…  I did not realise how much stress the whole situation had put me under.

And then I heard “I am not taking stress anymore”.

Yes I met Jane, this gorgeous black lady, a single mom who raised her children with two jobs (I take my hat off to her.) And then I discover she has the same birthday as me, so I listen to her and notice the synchronicity… And there I just felt so much better. Her simple message touched me and just created an reawakening to my truth.

It is really that simple?

Really yes it is.

The Process

I feel things are shifting again in my life, and I love it but it takes from me some low energies to clear, and that is the part I am often procrastinating about.
But in my heart there is this ‘Yes!’ from my childlike side, that is showing up. I can hear it and feel it.
The key is to keep a balance between your joy and your clearing.
I keep my dream high in my energy. And meanwhile I allow myself to shift the unnecessary, to transform the old into new and fresh.
I am not afraid to clear the old patterns, I am realising old habits are weighing on my lightness, my joy.
Bring all to your awareness.
Find your new routine. Congratulate yourself on your progress.
Visualise your dream coming to you.

Discovering your True Self

The first step in connecting with your creativity is finding again the connection to your soul. This means shining a light on your spiritual path and discovering who you truly are.

We are all born in this world into a family and a society where everybody’s going to make demands from you. From the beginning we learn that others want us to do something – or be something in order to be loved. No baby can survive if he is not loved. The first instinctual act of any being on this earth is to please the mother, father, the carer, the school, the society.

 The baby comes into this earth as a pure soul in a new body, the soul knows why it’s coming and what it has to express on this earth, but because we learn to transform ourselves to please the world, we slowly start to repress who we truly are, which is the soul and we slowly we forget about it. Imagine!

A Healing Moment in Phoenix, Arizona

You don’t realise it until it hits you somewhere in the physical body or in your emotions. You feel just out of your own space, you feel somehow that you are not in control of your normal life. You are a bit overwhelmed with a strange feeling that you are not used to…

The healing is hitting you.
The energies are already working on you.
Your soul has an agreement with the ethers.
The land is boosting your spiritual work in progress.

For a moment I regret coming here, I came for a holiday! Not a spiritual process!

✨ Your Paradise is to be found in Yourself ✨

✨ Your Paradise is to be found in Yourself ✨

“Le rêve est en chacun de nous
Chacun rève de vivre ailleurs
Mais l’ailleurs est en soi,
nullement ailleurs qu’en soi.
Chacun de nous rève de vivre ici ou là, de faire ceci ou cela
Mais le paradis est en soi “

I was in Paris… And all eyes are on London, oh I want to live there, and then when I am in London, all eyes are on Paris or France or Spain or Morocco.

Well we all play that game of I wish I lived there or go with you there.
But really…Your paradise is yet to be discovered in yourself.

Spring Renewal II

It is spring, the sun is shining, the wind is blowing and you are enjoying every-thing so much. You know you are going to jump into this exciting wave of new life, of new promises.

You are suddenly dedicated to change, in whatever manner it comes. You talk to the universe and you say “Bring it on, I am ready to shift in my life, I cannot wait for the newness coming into my life.” And that is such a feeling of joy, knowing you are going to transform and realise your dreams. In this moment we have so much faith and positive energy. It is important to celebrate and grab it!

Never let go of positive energy coming to you. It is a gift from life, and from your inner self. It releases joy and the right hormones inside you. It is opening your mind to new adventures, while it breaks down the obstacles and makes your fears look small or even disappear for a while! At that moment you are in tune with your soul and the universe.

Sacred Healing, Sacred Places

I always travel to Arizona because I feel physically drawn to it, and have done for the past 20 years. This sacred land has a powerful impact on me and my spiritual journey. I have committed myself to be on this land as often as I feel drawn to it. This land is my spiritual retreat.

Being on sacred land has a huge impact of clearing and progress that is magical for your soul. I feel all of us should have a sacred place, somewhere to create this kind of healing, where you lose your personality for a short period of time and be able to reboot, recap, review and re-create who you are.

The Energy of the Morning

I want to go back to how you should and  can live your instant moment of meditation.

Each one of us comes from a different spiritual genre, school, history. All souls have different backgrounds, ways of expressing.

In my case when I wake up, I just feel so connected to my soul.

People could think I am grumpy but really I am so connected that all mundane energy or information coming to me the first hour I am awake is feeling like a weird body of energy to me. It makes me uncomfortable.