You are conscious of the hypnosis of life, and of the role you were allocated in the grand scenario of your human experience.

The world, your role. Let’s clear slowly…What is coming to you?Reactivity or creativity?Creativity.Creating your world, that is the key.

Not reactivity.

It’s yummy to create a world in a way that you like it, how you envisage it, based on how you want to thrive within it. To expand that energy around you. Create a world of energy and fun.

Stop being afraid, secluded in your energies of creating, and not showing, because of your fears.

What you create is expandable to the infinite.

Like a wind of joy.

The new realm of me.

Live another kind of life. One that you want to create for yourself and others, spread this light and beautiful energy that you have inside that desperately needs and wants to get out in the world.

People are looking for it, as it will inspire them to look for their own light energy, it will inspire them to dream again, and importantly, to thrive.

Let them receive your gift, so that they can tap into their own.

 How to start this change?

Recognise that you come in, and you are given a role.

You have believed in the whole drama, human consciousness, reasonable equation.

You believed, and when you believed, you forget who you are, really.

You slip into this role that was designed for you.

And you forget your intentions as a soul.

You are under the influence, my love.

You will try to rebel, and you will give up, because you are hypnotised.

Everyone around you is under this influence, we all believe in the same fear-based system.

And yet, you want to create your life under this influence, but you are not creating freely.

You are reacting to what you’re allowed to do and what is being asked of you.

You are in reactivity mode.

Not in free creativity.

So all your life you will try to be happy with this mode of living, until your soul is no longer able to comply.

Then the stop.

All kinds of versions of stops can happen.

It is here that you experience what might almost feel like another kind of birth, because there is a realisation there.

You finally realise there is more than this huge theatre, where everyone is trying to fit in and behave as much as they can.

It is freaky to realise how theatrical this life is, but it is.

How hard it is to be all aligned with our truth, when all the humans around us are not.

It feels like such a powerful moment when you say what you feel, when you show up as you want to show up.

So the whole work is to transform your way of living from reactivity to creativity.

 Ask yourself, when you live, when you create:

Am I reacting? Or am I choosing to live the experience here, am I choosing to experience it all?

Am I creating from my truth, my intuitive self, my joyful being-ness?

Am I trying to please?

Am I trying to copy, resemble, am I afraid to deliver something too far away from the human actual consciousness?

Am I afraid to lose the love from them?

Am I afraid to disturb, or being rejected?

So many fears. Yes.

So it’s better to start from inside, and ask:

Am I happy to be here and to do this?

Am I singing when I create this?

What is going on in my own consciousness when I create here?

What emotions rise up in me? 

Find the route to your happy self.

Make peace with your creative self.

It is here, in this space, that you will see the difference between the reactivity and the creativity within yourself. Opening the field of understanding.

The world will be always amazed by non-complacent creations and that is the reality we always forget as we fall into the fear of not complying.

The world loves pure creativity.

Always remember that.

The world will be always amazed by non-complacent creations.

Go for it. Create.