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HEALING OF THE INNER CHILD – Transforming Your Vulnerability into Power – Live Event 2023


We will tap into your energy matrix to access the energy from your childhood and past lives within your inner child. These energies may be hindering your ability to express your soul pleasure and mission. Through our work together, we will unlock your infinite power of self-healing, liberating you from past traumas and misconceptions about your identity. This is a unique way to heal through an interdimensional inner journey and healing activation. You will feel the shift that will liberate you and open a world of incredible possibilities for your future. Consider this a crucial part of your soul healing.

You will receive Soul Matrix Healing in the Room of Creation, a guided channelled practice I received in the activation from the healing school of the Ascended Masters. There are no prerequisites for this work, only your presence and a strong desire to shift.

I work within different dimensions of healing, and you will benefit from this array of energies. You will undoubtedly feel the effects of this experience because you are naturally inclined to receive this work.

When You Heal Your Inner Child, You Access Your Soul Empowerment

The inner child is the sacred lens that holds your perspective of the world. It’s a vibrant, vital part of ourselves, the birthplace of our joy, curiosity, creativity, and wisdom.

Unfortunately, societal demands and expectations often cloud our vision. We are bound by rules and judgments that suppress our true potential and limit our possibilities. In our quest for acceptance, we sacrifice the freedom of our inner child. This leads us to believe that vulnerability equals suffering, pain, and powerlessness – a place we fear to explore. Over time, we start hiding our authenticity, preventing us from attracting meaningful relationships and opportunities.

Releasing All Blocks Within You

Heal the pain from your childhood that has lodged itself beyond mere physical blockages. You will experience a total shift of your own energy, the very essence that defines your interaction with the world. This will reshape your reality, your manifestations, and your relationships.

Healing of the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras

Experience combined healing of the heart and solar plexus chakras, where you’ll find yourself stepping into a new realm of existence, one where you’re not just healed but transformed. Be ready to embrace a life that is liberated from the chains of old wounds, judgments, and self-limiting beliefs.

Cosmic Energy Matrix Healing

We will receive this unique healing through our matrix of energy. As you embark on this transformative journey, a remarkable shift within your matrix will create profound transformations across your multidimensionality. This sacred work stems from the esteemed etheric sacred school of Melchizedek to which Karen has devoted herself for an impressive span of 25 years.

Connecting with the High Pleiadians and Lyrans Energies

These celestial energies have journeyed across the cosmos to aid us in repairing the deepest parts of ourselves, guiding us toward a state of wholeness and harmony. You will discover your radiant light and learn to activate it. Through their high-energy presence, they will stimulate that vibrant energy of your soul, releasing your greatest potential

Activation In Your Room of Creation

Step into a world of transformative spiritual growth by exploring Your Room of Creation. This is your playground of spiritual growth and self-discovery. It’s a place where you can heal your past, shape your present, and create your future. Begin to take control of your journey, rewrite your story, and unleash the extraordinary potential that lies within you.


Embodying a New Vibration from the Divine

Karen Ruimy channels the great Goddess and Great Mother, where you’ll feel the radiant light and healing energy that will embrace your inner core. As you tap into their divine energy, you’ll align with your higher self, unlocking a new level of consciousness,