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Soul Retrieval


Soul retrieval is all about bringing back the lost parts of ourselves. Whenever you feel detached, unmotivated, depressed, or in pain, there’s a need to bring your soul back to live your life fully, joyfully, and abundantly.

If you have experienced deep traumas, feeling lost in this world, carrying burdens within, being burnt out, difficulties in coping with daily life, and having strayed from your purpose, this webinar will finally help you come to terms with yourself and finally let go of everything that has been holding you down. 

This soul retrieval session will help you gain back the fullness of your Soul’s infinite potential. It will bring back the blissful energy in every part of your mind, body and spirit. It will empower you to live life with high energy, with a strong sense of self and purpose.

Healing and Transformation In This Webinar

The deep inner work that you’ll go through in this webinar creates a major transformation within your Soul. It’s an opportunity to go through the clearing and healing work on your traumas and ego to retrieve your SOUL MISSION. 

Here’s the healing and transformative work that you get the chance to experience in this activation.

Healing of Childhood Traumas

There’s going to be a high-energy work as Karen channels Archangel Michael to cut the cords of heavy traumas, personal fears, and places of blockages within you. A major clearing and healing work takes place to bring back the light of your Soul.

Dealing with Ego Attachments

You get to face your ego and initiate a dialogue with your soul. You’ll learn the source of your triggers, doubts, and fears and let go of limiting beliefs about yourself.

Working on Your Structural Fears

Karen takes you on a process to heal the structural fears you have been carrying all your life. You’ll learn how to dissolve these fears using the energy that comes from the light of your own soul.

Opening the Field of Your Soul Energy

An incredible process happens as Karen teaches you how to retrieve your soul vehicle in the energy body of your Matrix. A complete soul retrieval takes place as you experience the true energy that comes from your Soul.

Receiving the Messages of Your Soul

Learn how to receive the messages of your soul for you to discover the next steps of your journey. Karen teaches the tools and techniques to connect with your soul daily in order to live out your Highest Self and Purpose. 

This is a compelling spiritual work that will help you achieve everything you want in life with the intention of your higher purpose. You have the power to create joy and abundance all around you!

Spiritual Work in the Goddess Temple

Karen Ruimy will be channeling the Goddess energy and Archangel Michael for this healing and empowerment activation to bring back the fragmented parts of your Soul. The Goddess Council will receive you and your soul for this spiritual work.

It’s time to cut the cords to the old definition of who you are, to your old history, and to the outdated links of your childhood. This is your moment to embody your soul’s true self and the energy for your full life’s expression.

The webinar and activation will help you realise your wholeness and embody the fullness of your Soul. It’s an opportunity to rejuvenate every part of your being, strengthen your heart, and empower your entire self.

Your Soul is ready to come through with its mission, healing energy, purpose, and guidance for your life. The power that you will gain back through this process will help you define and design your life in such a way that is in full alignment with the splendor of your Highest Self.