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Soul Empowerment In The Spring Equinox


Bestselling spiritual author and energy healer Karen Ruimy and the Ascended Masters will take you to the depths of your being, for you to transmute energies in order to embody a complete transformation into your Higher Self!

In this highly acclaimed webinar, you will be tapping into the renewal energy of the Spring Equinox. It’s going to be a deeply transformative session as you go through healing, clearing, and intention-setting for the NEW you!

Take this opportunity to soar to newer heights in your soul journey and continue basking in the light of the 5th dimension!

Healing, Transformation and Ascension in This Session

Before jumping into this webinar playback, you are encouraged to spend time alone and write about those parts that you want to be healed and cleared within you. Write your desires for new growth and expansion that you want to embody in order to integrate it with the energies of the Spring Equinox.

Here’s what will transpire in this high energy session:

Clearing and Balancing Your Chakras

We will have a deep clearing work in your root chakra, heart chakra, and in between chakras to renew your energy body. You’ll experience a fresh vitality in every part of yourself. 

Healing the Deepest Parts of Yourself

We will invite healing in the deepest parts of you, where you were unconsciously afraid to go before. Layers upon layers of deep healing will occur, which will transform your life to a whole new level.

Opening Your Channel of Expression

You will be able to release that Divine Light within you to express your true soul and stand in the power of your own Divinity. This channel is a gateway for you to manifest your greatness.

Soul Embodiment of the Equinox

Get closer each time to your soul embodiment as you unlock these places of power within yourself. You get to embody the power of your soul as you start living in this light.

Unleashing the Energy and Creativity of the Soul

With this incredible healing work, you get to unleash the energy and creativity of your soul. There will be a revelation of your soul presence in this life. Learn the tools to keep empowering your soul everyday. 

The energy in this webinar allows us to reach the root energy in ourselves so we can reveal some places we have kept hidden. This work goes to the root of our beings. 

Are you ready for this incredible session that will transform your life and be in alignment with the 5th dimension? Don’t miss this high energy session that will take your soul journey to the next level!

The Spring Equinox is the Perfect Opportunity To Do This Deep Healing of Your Inner Child

The energy of the Spring Equinox is bringing a transition in between worlds where you get to review your Matrix of Energy. Here you can also take a look at your choices of being so far, and your self-definition. 

In this renewal energy of the Spring, Karen and the Ascended Masters will take you to the depths of your being, where you can heal your Inner Child who is ready to let go and be revealed.

This session is a moment where we can visit parts of ourselves, to transmute energies in order for us to embody a complete transformation into our Higher Selves. 

You’ll be able to grow into your new self from this deep root of being of yours. You are expanding with the changing energies of Mother Earth and the cosmos.

Are you ready to go beyond your boundaries and flourish with the energetic shift of the New Earth?

Experience a Dimensional Shift Within Yourself

The cosmic energies at this time will transform your own Matrix of Energy. 

The Goddess and Ascended Masters are leading this shifting transformation and light activation. You will experience such deep healing and renewal that you’ll never be the same after this webinar!

Let your Inner Child flourish again and lead the way for the next season of growth in your life. 

In this Spring Equinox, let your soul expand anew and soar into higher dimensions through this deeply transformative webinar.