Rise Up With Your Soul Frequency In The 22.22.22 Portal Of Energy


The Powerful 22.22.22 Energy Portal is Something You Can’t Miss This Year

The cosmic energies are giving us an opportunity this month to tap into the 22.22.22 Portal of Energy, which brings us to clear, heal and shift our entire being’s frequency to newer heights!

This Portal of Energy allows you to clear the heaviest blocks within yourself – all the negativity, low energies, and outdated frequencies that have been holding you back from your great splendour.

In this webinar, Karen Ruimy will be channelling messages from the Ascended Masters to guide you in transcending all blocks and barriers, for you to soar higher and live out your Highest Light.

Clearing, Healing and Transformation on a Deeper Level

The energy portal is going to bring out a change of frequency which will impact all your chakras. There’s going to be deep inner work on the frequency of your being, intuition, and experiences in this lifetime. It’s will magnificently shift your soul’s frequency for you to access your next level of wisdom.

From this session, you will be able to access your Soul’s information that you have been blocked to receive all this time. It’s a deeper level of healing and clearing of the lies, illusions, and blockages to your true potential and gifts.

This event goes beyond the ordinary as you will have the power to direct the energy of healing and shifting to your own needs and desires. The perfection of the healing will always help you where you need it the most.

Embodying Your Higher Self and Manifesting on the Next Level

From all this clearing and healing work, you’ll get to see clearly your visionary self. You’ll be able to tune in to your spiritual capacities to create miracles for your life in this day and age.

Blocks to your manifestation and abundance will be cleared away, as you finally stand in your own true light and power.
It’s the most transformative session where you connect to 5D consciousness, receive the light from the Energy Portal in every cell, and embody your Higher Self.

This is your Spiritual Leadership and Ownership to the next level.

This webinar is going to be amazing for all of you who are seeking your true gifts, and to finally access your infinite potential. The activation can also ignite the power in you to help heal people by tuning into your gifts. Literally a call to Healers and Teachers.

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