Recreate Your Life In 2022 In Time For The Full Moon


The New Year 2022 Brings Incredible Energies For You To Soar Higher!

2021 was all about healing the inner child on so many levels. This New Year 2022, it’s about recreating your future and manifesting from your deeper sense of self – one that is aligned with what you truly want on a soul level.

Nothing can hold you back anymore as this is the year of great miracles, love, joy and abundance. We have gone through so many dimensional shifts over the past few years, and 2022 holds the prime stage for you to live life on a higher energy, finally living with your soul energy in this 3D dimension!

In this webinar, we will use an activation energy and an incredibly powerful tool channeled by Karen Ruimy called THE ROOM OF CREATION. This will trigger inside yourself to recall the alchemical power you behold in your soul and Higher Self.

With the elevated consciousness of the world and the heightened energies of this dimension, you will learn the tools in this webinar to tap into these channels and become an alchemist of your reality!

This is the Perfect Time To Finally Make Things Happen For Yourself

We are entering a dimension in 2022 where it is the perfect opportunity to finally make your dreams come true. No more waiting, no more holding back.

Karen and the Ascended Masters will be here to reawaken the alchemy knowledge, tools and gifts within you.

This webinar is like no other as you will be going deep within yourself and acknowledge the desires from your heart, and at the same time, release the blockages that have been holding you back from realising your dreams.

We will reveal and heal these blockages that are rising to the surface of your consciousness during the activation. You get to bring the vibration of your soul and Higher Self to activate your power for manifesting your greatest desires.

The Key To Your Immense Spiritual Power and Presence

Your Point of Vulnerability is your point of TRUTH. It’s the point where you close the immense source of your soul behind a door. It’s the source of your immense gifts, spiritual power, and Divine presence.

It is high time to let things come to the surface so that you can clear these blockages and finally live in the truth of your SOUL – the great Divine being that you are which holds so much potential!

Living in the 5D at its Best

Karen Ruimy, together with the Goddess and Ascended Masters, will teach you how to work with the high vibrational Mother Energy Matrix for you to bring in synchronicities and opportunities that will transform your life beyond your wildest dreams! You will be able to activate the new vibrations of the New Year into your own matrix of creation.

Through the wisdom teachings and light activation in this webinar, illusions will fall away from your eyes and you’ll finally realise that the heaven you’ve been searching for is in the here and now.

You get to see the TRUTH of reality and recreate your present from a place where you have finally cleared all past energies and limitations.

This session is your key to living a life that is abundant in all aspects. You will get to know how you can keep an elevated consciousness in the 5D and manifest your true soul’s creations in the present.

Healing, Transformation and Ascension in This Webinar

Before you step into this webinar, it will be immensely beneficial to write your dreams, desires, and projects you aim for 2022. You also have to write about the blockages in your awareness that are stopping you from manifesting your dreams. Taking some time before the webinar to focus on this personal assessment will be very efficient and powerful for you during the activation. This webinar will be between dimensions.

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