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Reclaim Your Soul Energy


Recreate who you are in the energy of your soul and embody 5d living in the pisces new moon

Your Healing, Transformation, and Ascension In This Webinar


Get ready to embark on this journey of self-discovery and live life to the fullest with high energy. Here’s what you’ll experience in this webinar and activation.


Clearing Everything That Is Holding You Back

Karen Ruimy guides you into a soulful inner work of clearing blockages, traumas, old paradigms, and beliefs that have been holding you back. This is healing and transmutation of the old cluttering energy into the light and liberation of your being.


Purification of the Chakras

You will learn tools and techniques to purify your chakras to energetically connect with your power as a Soul. Every chakra clearing releases the blocks that you have held onto all your life and allows for the high energy of your Soul to come through.


Receiving Your Higher Self

Karen guides you into this major shift of receiving the higher vibration of your higher self. It is a truly liberating work where you access the freedom, bliss, joy, and abundance that your Soul has been waiting for you to experience.


Learning From Ascended Masters and Ascension Masters

Karen channels the Ascended Masters and Ascension Masters for you to learn the tools and methods of higher dimensional spiritual technology. You get to learn techniques of healing and transforming your life to a whole new level.


Live in 5D With the Power of Your Soul

Timeline shifts occur as Karen guides you in traveling to the future of your renewed self. You get to live in 5D with the power of your soul and integrate this energy into your present life every single day.


The Vision of Your Purpose

You get to witness a vision of your purpose and future with the guidance of your soul, higher self, and the Ascended Masters. You will be guided into this unique moment of accessing this high-energy capsule. This is unique work that Karen allows you to step into.

The period between the Full Moon in Leo and the New Moon in Pisces brings forth energies that move you into a space of recreation



This high-energy webinar and activation offered to you by bestselling author, spiritual teacher, and energy healer Karen Ruimy opens up the sacred energies of this period for you to recreate who you are in the energy of your soul and embody the infinite potential of your own Divine Self.

Have you tried everything, yet still find it hard to achieve the personal growth and success that you want?


Do you want to make this year the best turning point of your life, one that will make you finally live the life of your dreams?


Do you feel called to live the life of your soul?


This virtual session that you can take at your most comfortable time and space is a stepping stone for you to finally be aligned and integrated with your greatest joy, mission, bliss, and purpose.


Are you feeling that It is time for you to shift into this higher realm of 5D living?


Are you ready to recreate yourself, but this time in the essence of your soul?


Step Into A Sacred Space Where You Can Change Your Life Forever


With over 30 years of multidimensional healing and channeling work, Karen Ruimy invites you to this unique healing experience that will bring you to the truth of who you are. In this session, you enter a sacred space to discover what you truly want and what is waiting for you. Karen guides you on a journey to take a closer look into the depths of your own soul.


This is an opportunity to heal what needs to be healed and allow your true self to be revealed.


From this activation, you get to finally discover what is stopping you from living the life of your dreams and gain inner freedom to unlock your greatest potential.


It’s time to be your own master on this sacred journey of self-discovery.


This is your moment to release the shackles of your past, recreate your life with the surge of healing and energy coming through this session, and access the manifestation energy of your Soul.


The Spiritual Process of this High-Energy Session


In this session, Karen channels immense high energy from the Masters for you to experience an illumination of your own consciousness.


It will show you the depths of your own being and your Matrix of Energy. It will help you declutter the spaces within yourself that are filled with old beliefs, freeing you from the limitations of your past self.


You rediscover why you are living in a small, old place inside yourself. By unraveling this, you’ll experience a major shift in consciousness that will bring about liberation.


This consciousness moment will transform your life forever.


With this shift, you’ll recall the true energies of your soul and receive the higher vibrations of your higher self. You get to experience your higher vibration that will bring you incredible peace within.


It’s the remembrance of your soul energy. A revelation that will impact the vision of your life.


A Multidimensional Experience of Your Soul


This high-energy webinar is a guided experience where you will drive into your energy field and go beyond your mind and the physical plane, merging planes of beingness. This allows your soul to access your mind and manifested life.


The wisdom and energy of your higher self will finally flow freely, allowing for the healing of old, cluttered energy and the liberation of light. You’ll be able to receive guidance from your soul and recreate yourself to be who you truly are.


With the help of the Ascended Masters and Ascension Masters, you’ll learn tools and techniques to purify your chakras and embody the new energy of your soul in your body.


You experience a magical moment of the manifestation of your soul energy in this dimension – the 5D of your Soul and human self at play. This is your moment to travel to the future and live in 5D with the power of your soul!