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Realignment of Your Soul Energy for the Year 2024




Realignment of Your Soul Energy for the Year 2024



The New Year 2024 Brings Incredible Energies For You To Soar and Ascend Higher!


Join us for a unique webinar where we delve into dimensional healing and experience a powerful shift in your matrix of energy. This channelled work from the School of Melchizedek will activate and reconnect you to your higher self and soul energy and guidance.


We will receive the powerful energies of the Ascended Masters and Lord Michael through Karen’s deep and lifelong practice from the School of Melchizedek and Metatron. This will enable us to embark on a journey of high-vibration work, allowing you to express your soul more fully in your human life.


If you’re seeking clarity after a challenging period in 2023, this webinar is for you. Bring back the power of your soul and lineage as you empower yourself on this transcendent journey. We will address any chakra blockages, ancestral wounds, and soul lineage fears that may hold you back, allowing you to release these energies from your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual depths.

Work in the Matrix of Energy

Through the teaching in the School of Melchizedek and Metatron, Karen will channel blissful frequencies from Lord Michael and the Ascended Masters. Gain new insights and discover your innate self-healing ability to clear any blockages that may hinder you from discovering your true soul path.


Reopen the Chakras

Address the impact of low frequencies on your chakras and begin to clear hindrances to seamless energy flow. Witness the removal of shackles and fragments from your major energy points, restoring harmony across your mind, body, and spirit.

This realignment to your soul needs the readjustment of your chakras to a higher vibration so the activation will open into all your bodies.


Receive the Next Step of Your Soul Journey and Mission

Discover the next step in your soul journey and mission by gaining clarity and direction through the deep inner work that activates your inner wisdom, empowering you to tap into your true potential and intuition, fostering a deep connection with your inner soul.


Soul Activation

Immerse yourself in a soul-activating exploration that aligns with your higher self. This immersive experience provides a profound understanding of your unique expression and activates the latent gifts within your soul. You will feel a deep connection to your soul presence and receive guidance from it.

You will feel a realignment in your human life in your experiences and the opening to your gifts and calling.