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Manifesting Your Soul’s Greatness


In this highly acclaimed webinar, bestselling author and spiritual teacher Karen Ruimy opens up a sacred space for you to be guided on an inner journey towards the breathtaking dimensions of your Soul. As Karen channels the Ascended Masters, you will be able to access this infinite space within and have a conversation with your inner Divinity.

Healing, Transformation and Ascension in This Webinar

You’ll be able to go through a great transformation through this session. It’s time to release everything that has been holding you back, and allow the greatness of your own Divinity to shine through.

Here’s what will transpire in this high-energy session:

Activating the Energy of Your Inner Child

It’s time to activate the energy of your Inner Child, release whatever is blocking the access to your soul, and heal old patterns that lock you in illusions of security.

Communicating With Your Soul

You will learn how to communicate with your Soul on a deeper level, and discover your Higher Self. You get to connect to the Divine energy within which is waiting for you all along.

Learning How Your Soul Transmits Messages

You will learn ways to understand the sacred wisdom and messages of your soul. You will be able to access incredible knowledge every moment of your life, which will shift your consciousness.

Pleiadian Technology of Conscious Living

The Pleiadians and Ascended Masters come to guide you on the most crucial point in shifting to higher consciousness. Here you will get to embody the light of your Soul and experience a complete transformation.

Working on the Energy of Manifestation

With the spiritual tools you will learn, you become a great manifestor of your reality. The sacred wisdom, healing knowledge, and soul embodiment will propel you to manifest an amazing soul journey in this life. 

Are you ready for this incredible session that will transform your life and manifest your wildest dreams? Don’t miss this webinar playback that will be the next step to your spiritual evolution!

A Light Activation in the Presence of Your Soul Together with the Ascended Masters

This session will help you tap into your soul lineage and wisdom. You get to discover who you truly are and why your soul decided to incarnate in this lifetime.

Take this opportunity to finally learn how to connect with your Soul and embody the higher consciousness that will transform your life beyond your wildest dreams!

Discover a Pleiadian Technology of Living in the Now and Open the Dialogue With Your Soul

Karen opens up a channel of energy where the Pleiadians will guide you on this journey towards ascension. This spiritual work has never been more important at this time, as the dimensional shift of the world is calling upon all of us to transcend the old programming.

The Pleiadians will come to teach the sacred wisdom of what it truly means to live in the NOW. In the Now transpires the deeper wisdom you carry, coming from your soul. You will also learn to create with your soul in the Room of Creation. The Room of Creation is where you will be at the center of the past, present and future.

From this powerful presence of the NOW, you live in your true Soul’s potential, stand in your power, and manifest an incredible life!

Accessing Your Soul’s Energy To Manifest Your Great Spiritual Journey

As a 30-year multidimensional healer, Karen Ruimy will help you access your soul energy into your own Matrix of Energy. This will translate information into your consciousness about the true reality of the here and now. Your own mind will reveal secrets on how to manifest, embody your Divine Light, and act upon your soul journey.

This is your opportunity to uncover a great wealth of spiritual wisdom that will take your soul evolution to the next level.