Magic Manifestation Of Your Dreams And Desires In The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse


Experience the magic of the manifestation during this activation with Karen Ruimy and the channelled energies

A Time For Powerful Manifestation During the Supermoon and Lunar Eclipse

This coming May 15, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio is a time to dig deeper into your truths and what you really want in life. This is also a powerful turning point as this Lunar Eclipse and Supermoon can lead to great changes and transformation.

Bestselling spiritual author, teacher, and energy healer Karen Ruimy opens up a sacred space during this magical time for you to set out your deepest intentions, find alignment with the universe, and learn to manifest with your incredible soul!

The science of manifestation from this webinar and the illuminating energies of the Full Moon will awaken your sacred wisdom and power within.

You’ll be able to manifest with great speed and success, as you are fully aligned with your soul truth and mission!

Karen Takes You On A Journey To Your Infinite Potential For Manifesting

This powerful activation is an initiation to the magic of manifestation in yourself with the sacred knowledge of the Goddess. You’ll also learn a wealth of knowledge from years of teachings from the Ascended Masters, the Pleiadians, Thoth, and the Melchizedek school.

This is no ordinary manifestation. You get to shift your own reality and live within your dreams in the here and now. You get to integrate your dreams within your Matrix of Energy as it moves into your aura, body, and physical reality. Your manifestation abilities will be supercharged to create miracles in your life!

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