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Magic Manifestation Of Your Dreams And Desires In The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse


Bestselling spiritual author and energy healer Karen Ruimy opens up a sacred space in this webinar for you to open up your deepest intentions, get aligned with the universe, and manifest with your incredible soul!

The science of manifestation will awaken your sacred wisdom and power. Learn how to manifest with great speed and success with the tools you’ll learn in this session!

You get to shift your own reality and live within your dreams in the here and now. Your manifestation abilities will be supercharged to create miracles in your life!

Your Powerful Transformation In This Webinar

Before jumping into this webinar, it is advised that you write about the dreams and desires you want to manifest. If you are still not sure about what to manifest, get to learn about the knowledge of manifestation on this webinar and heal the blockages to your manifestation power. 

Here’s what will transpire in this high energy session:

The Space of Manifestation

Karen brings you to your own space of manifestation where you will learn how to visualise and materialise in your mind the things you want to manifest. Create the connection from your dreams to words and feelings in your Matrix of Energy.

Your Room of Creation

You will hold space for your dreams, desires, or projects in your Room of Creation. We will call in the energies of your inner self, your soul, your Divine Self, and your guides. You get to dig deeper into your soul truths and purpose to be aligned with complete manifestation.

A Dialogue with the Divine Universe

As you have a conversation with the universe, you will discover what is truly in alignment for you. The magic is in alignment with the universe and your soul mission. You activate that blissful abundance within that is your birthright.

Clearing Blockages in Your Auric Field

With this deep inner work, you get to uncover the blockages in your auric field that is in the way of your manifestation. You will discover what is in you that is creating it and release the behavioural patterns that are blocking your success. You experience freedom from everything that is holding you back. 

Divine Blessing For Your Dreams and Projects

We will bless the manifestation of your dreams and projects with your guides. You get a shift in your reality as you see yourself in it and feel the joy, pleasure, and accomplishment of yourself. You get to integrate it into your Matrix of Energy, in your Aura, and physical body.

Solar Plexus and Throat Chakra Activation

Your Solar Plexus, the center of power and success, will be activated to amplify your power of manifestation. There will also be a Throat Chakra activation to help you express your creativity and truth in manifesting your desires to the world. 

This is a rare opportunity for you to be in alignment with higher energies. You will come to realise your own Divinity and become stronger as you continue on with your soul journey!

A Time For Powerful Manifestation 

This is the perfect time to dig deeper into your truths and what you really want in life. This is also a powerful turning point that can lead to great changes and transformation. 

The science of manifestation from this webinar and the illuminating energies will awaken your sacred wisdom and power within. You’ll be able to manifest with great speed and success, as you are fully aligned with your soul truth and mission!

Karen Takes You On A Journey To Your Infinite Potential For Manifesting

This powerful activation is an initiation to the magic of manifestation in yourself with the sacred knowledge of the Goddess. You’ll also learn a wealth of knowledge from years of teachings from the Ascended Masters, the Pleiadians, Thoth, and the Melchizedek school. 

This is no ordinary manifestation. You get to shift your own reality and live within your dreams in the here and now. You get to integrate your dreams within your Matrix of Energy as it moves into your aura, body, and physical reality. Your manifestation abilities will be supercharged to create miracles in your life!

School of Magic

“And here we are, I am able to open my book of knowledge from my soul to yours

Because I want to make available the science of manifestation to you and your soul

Your soul will be called to this special moment. I am ready to bring on the alchemical power and knowledge to you.”

  • Karen Ruimy