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About Luxury candles “CALM”

Luxury candles from Karen Ruimy  have a soft, relaxing scent. The Candle relaxation offers a heady moment of tranquility exactly when you need it most, whether that’s after a morning rush, or as you draw an evening bath. Light the Calm Candle. Inhale deeply. As you exhale, release the stresses of your day.

How long does Kalmar’s candles relaxation last?

Kalmar’s candle burning time is approximately 45 hours.

 Luxury candle CALM is great for:

  • Relaxation and release; bring a sense of equilibrium to a space in moments
  • Calming a busy mind with a moment of deep tranquility
  • Allowing your conscious mind to rest, while your intuition and creativity expand.


While using the candle CALM you may also enjoy guided meditation for relaxation on Youtube. Talking about the mind don’t forget about your body. Discover CALM collection or LOVE collection of creams from Karen Ruimy and pamper your body with unforgettable soft touch.

LOVE collection of candles is a great ad-on to your collection.

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