Healing and Ascension in the 8.8 Lion’s Gate Portal


Are you ready to embrace the power of your soul?

Karen Ruimy will channel the Archangels and the Ascended Masters to open up to the energies of this portal of transformation and healing for you.

This is a powerful window of embracing your soul power.

We Are Now Entering Into A Higher Dimension

We are now entering an accelerated phase of transformation in the world. This year’s Lion’s Gate Portal on August 7 – 8 culminates this process of transformation for us to activate our Soul Embodiment and Ascension.

Karen Ruimy, together with the Ascended Master and Archangels, are opening up a sacred space for you to integrate this high energy from the Lion’s Gate Portal.

This session is all about bringing back the power of your SOUL. We will heal and clear away old paradigms and energies for you to receive new light codes from the portal and integrate the 5th dimension into your life!

A Sacred Moment To Shift Timelines

The Lion’s Gate Portal 8.8 in August 2022 is a sacred time for cycles to start and end. This powerful energy portal allows us to initiate timelines for us to experience realities beyond our wildest dreams!

In this webinar and activation, we will channel the high energy of the Lion’s Gate Portal for you to shift your own reality. Take this time to envision the life and reality you want for yourself. You have the power to create your own reality in the ever-present NOW. You will be given the tools needed in this webinar to rise up from the old 3D world into the higher dimension where your Soul resides.

Embodying Your Soul And Living In Your Highest Light

We’ve gone through so many layers of lessons, healing, and clearing – and now is the time to embody the Highest Light within ourselves. In this session, your full power as a Master of Light will be revealed. This is an incredibly powerful and creative time to build your dreams, manifest your soul’s calling, and start your journey in higher consciousness.


Healing, Transformation and Ascension in This Webinar

The deep inner work that you’ll go through in this webinar creates a major transformation within your Soul and the reality you are living. Here’s the healing and transformative work you get to experience in this activation.


Spiritual Work with Archangels and Ascended Masters

Karen Ruimy will guide you on a journey to work with the Ascended Masters, Archangels, and Angels in this shift to another cycle of the enlightened path. This is a great window to release, shift and open up towards your path of expansion.

Bringing Back the Power of Your Soul

There will be a high-energy healing work from your root chakra to the solar plexus chakra. Healing past beliefs and ego blockages takes place for you to cut old paradigms and energies within yourself.

Opening Timelines and Realities

The powerful energy in the Lion’s Gate Portal will propel you to discover timelines and realities within the present moment. You will be guided to do the inner work and expansion of consciousness to choose the timeline you wish and embody the reality of your Highest Self.

Receive New Codes of Energies

With the activation of energy of the 8.8 Portal within yourself, you get to integrate new light codes in your mind, body, and spirit. You receive information about your soul mission and purpose. You will be able to soar higher in your soul journey.

Embodying Your Full Power As A Divine Light Being

Now is the time for you to remember the magnificence of your soul as a Divine Light Being, a Master of Light, who has learned the lessons and done the work. This webinar helps you uncover the truth of who you are and learn about healing and living in the 5th dimension.

This is a compelling spiritual work that will help you achieve everything you want in life with the intention of your higher purpose. You have the power to create joy and abundance all around you!

I cannot wait to see how you will evolve through this session.

Let’s continue expanding and attracting a life of love, bliss, and light!



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