Goddess Isis Equinox Activation



September is a month of Mastery – with the New Moon in Virgo, Full Moon in Pisces on the 20th, and the Autumn Equinox on the 22nd. These call in high energies from the cosmos to pour in and activate light codes within our Matrix of Energy. There has never been a perfect time to create amazing transformation in our lives. Take this chance to clear your energy and manifest the longings of your soul.

Goddess Isis has chosen this date for your soul’s alignment to cosmic perfection!

Goddess Isis welcomes you to her Temple for an Ascension Activation. She brings for you Osiris and 3 Archangels that will take you on an energetic and dimensional shift. You will be drawing in a higher vibration within yourself which will revolutionise every aspect of your life.

The Energy of the World is Shifting
The Earth is shifting to a higher dimensional kind of living. How can we tap into this? We do this by working within your Matrix of Energy. We will be drawing in the higher vibration of your soul. This is incredible healing and activation as Goddess Isis takes you to a Temple in Egypt.

You will get to travel to an etheric dimension where the Temple of Activation resides. The Masters of Ascension will be there for you to lift your soul energy to a place of great joy, love and abundance!

With this Ascension Activation, your soul will be ready to embark on a new journey of expression and presence on this Earth. Get ready to live on a higher vibration from now on and manifest abundance in a 5th dimensional energy!

Get Ready To Live In This World As Your Higher Self

As the energy of the world is shifting, it’s so important for you to get ready and step up into living as your Higher Self.

This next level of vibration, that you will experience in this webinar, will bring you the vision of your true path and mission. You will access new information about yourself and the journey you need to take in this lifetime.

Taking You to the Next Level of Existence

You will gain an ability to visualise what you need to do in this path, and what mission you have to fulfil – which will help you live to your highest calling and purpose.

You get to finally strip down the illusionary obstacles within yourself in this life. This is not just about healing the ego, but also healing through a higher vibration. This higher vibrational healing will take you to the next level of existence!

Are You Ready For Your Ascension?

This is a time that you will finally go to the next level. There’s nothing holding you back anymore from living in your greatest purpose, mission and calling. You will be able to experience the blissful energies of the 5th dimension and use that energy to manifest everything that your soul is yearning for.

Here’s the energy work that transpires through this event.

Healing & Renewal in Your Body

This session will enable you to activate healing into your body and into your emotional self as we pray together for Graceful healing. You will be renewed from within as higher energies heal every part of your soul.

Deep Inner Work & Activation

In this Ascension Activation, you will be activating your intuition, your vision, and your access to inner wisdom. This is where you will gain clarity on the path that you want to take and the things you really want to manifest in this life.

The Union of the Divine Feminine & Masculine

In the Temple of Union where Goddess Isis and her beloved Osiris are standing, they will bring the feminine and masculine together to re-emerge and come out as one. They are bringing this vibration of the sacred heart into your own heart – in your sacred cave of existence.

Commune With Your Higher Self

You will no longer be lost as to how you can be in your Highest Self, as this session will teach you the tools for you to embody your Divinity at any moment. As you live in your Higher Self, everything in your life will be aligned to the immense callings of your soul.

Manifest As Your Divine Self

With this light activation, you get to absorb the energies of Creation within yourself. Your Matrix of Energy will be cleared and you will receive Light Codes which help you manifest the desires of your heart – for you to achieve your greatest purpose in this life!

We live in an exciting time where we are shifting the energy of the world into a higher frequency. Don’t miss this event to tap into this high energy and finally live in alignment to your true Divine self.

This is an incredibly powerful work that will help you achieve everything you want in life with the intention of your higher purpose. You have the power to create joy and abundance all around you!

I cannot wait to see how you will evolve through this session.

Let’s continue to expand and attract a life of love, bliss and light!


Karen Ruimy

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