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FULL MOON Activation of Goddess Isis in the Temple of Resurrection


Have you been drawn to the Goddess energy, to the Divine Feminine within you?

The Goddess Isis is inviting you to join an activation ceremony at Her Temple of Resurrection. It will be an incredible session of healing, deep inner work, and opening up your energies for abundance!

Karen Ruimy will channel the Goddess Isis, Archangel Michael, and the Ascended Masters in this amazing ceremony of revealing your true self, connecting to the energy of your higher purpose, and creating incredible transformation within you.

This is an activation session like no other. It will transform you inside and out, and help bring out the Divine greatness that is already within you.

We are bringing a repair in our Matrix of Energy – liberating ourselves from false energies and realigning to an expanded DNA consciousness.


What We Do In This Temple Activation

Come with your enthusiasm and openness as Goddess Isis, Archangel Michael, and the Ascended Masters invite you to a session of deep inner work, healing and transformation.

Here are the sacred steps you will experience in this ceremony.

Opening Your Field of Consciousness

You will get to connect to the center of your soul, your Divine Self, and open a field of consciousness. From here, you will experience a great sense of peace that transcends space and time.

Clearing Deep-Seated Blockages

Healing and transformation will transpire as we clear out anything that has been blocking your consciousness – which has been hindering you from the energy of your higher self, divine messages, and sacred guidance.

Activation Ceremony in the Temple

Goddess Isis will guide you with her words and you’ll feel Her energy all around you. She will take you to your own Matrix of Energy. She will help reveal your true self with the different tools she will bless you on that day.

Become an Alchemist Of Your Reality

As you finally tap into your true Divine self, you will get to know your highest purpose and start manifesting the incredible life that the Universe is waiting for you to experience.

Embody the Divine Goddess Energy for Healing, Rebirth and Creative Manifestation

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn sacred wisdom from the Goddess Isis.

The birth of this workshop was a divine download from the amazing 8-8 Lionsgate Portal Activation. A strong message from the Goddess Isis was received, prompting all attendees and others who are drawn to it into her Temple of Resurrection.

The Temple of Resurrection is where we come to renew our souls, open up our field of energy to receive divine light codes, and make way for great abundance ahead!

What You Will Experience Within the Temple of Goddess Isis

This activation ceremony is an amazing opportunity to open up our ancient energy – the one we carry within our own light codes. Each one of us carries our own light codes in our Matrix of Energy. It’s where we keep our sacred treasures of knowledge, wisdom and gifts.

We have forgotten about our sacred treasures and our soul journey through the many challenges we have experienced in life so far. We kept on trying to live up to the expectations of this world, and have forgotten who we are and what we came here to do.

It’s time for a renewal and to tap into that great Divinity within. The Ascended Masters, together with the Goddess Isis, are here to bring us back to our deep knowledge and soul journey.

Goddess Isis is Inviting You to an Activation in Her Temple of Resurrection

Goddess Isis is offering to create a temple activation – where you will be brought to a deep awareness of your soul.

What have you remained hidden within yourself? What is it in your soul journey, your soul mission that you are meant to express at this time? The Goddess Isis will help reveal those parts in yourself. These pieces in your soul are incredibly important in your life, which you may not have been able or allowed to express in this world.

As you finally get in touch with your soul journey and mission, you get to experience an incredible transformation. You will get to reveal your soul gifts and divine purpose that will propel you to an amazing life journey ahead!