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Equinox Manifestation


Unleash Your Power for Manifestation in the Equinox

Your Healing, Transformation, and Ascension In This Webinar


As this light activation webinar is done during the period of the Spring Equinox, you’ll experience heightened energies to supercharge the clearing and healing process and power up your manifestation energies within. Here’s the spiritual process that is going to transpire in this high-energy webinar.


Release From Old Programming

You will learn how to release and transmute old energies and shift to higher vibrational living. In this clearing and healing work, you release old patterns, paradigms, and programming that have been limiting you so that you can unlock the flow of creative energies.

Embodying the Rebirth Energy

Within the energies of the Spring Equinox, you get to embody new energies in yourself and integrate them to give birth to new projects, relationships, and dreams that help you finally live in your highest calling and alignment. You will learn the tools to work with these energies in yourself and soar higher in your journey.

Starting the Manifestation Process           

Karen channels the Guides to help you learn the steps to powerful manifestation with cosmic energies. You will be able to manifest with revolutionary methods coming from higher realms.

Spiritual Practice for Manifestation

Karen teaches you a practical method of viewing your life, learning what is working and what is not, tuning into your emotions, and releasing blockages to pave the way for effective manifestation. You will then be inspired by your next creations and tap into your infinite energy for manifestation.

Activation Into Your Interdimensional Self

In this session, Karen guides you from your human self to an activation into your interdimensional self with the help and guidance of the spiritual masters the Pleiadians, the Mother Goddess, and the Archangels to activate your highest light and power up your manifestation abilities.

Get ready to unleash the full force of your manifestation potential during the most potent period of the year!

Are you feeling that you need to refresh your energy and reinvent your creations in life?


Do you need a boost of high energy, especially when your dreams are not at the forefront of your life at the moment?


Have you been trying to manifest but with little or no results?      


Are there blockages within you that you can’t seem to let go of and have been blocking your success?


Do you want to learn the true secrets of powerful manifestation?



This high-energy webinar and activation will bring forth your divine energies to manifest with great speed and success. Nothing can ever hold you back anymore!


A Powerful Time To Activate Your Manifestation Power Like Never Before


The energies we are experiencing in March are like a shaker of the spiritual and physical realms. With the New Moon in Aries and Spring Equinox this month, we are within a rush of light codes balancing the feminine and masculine energies. Massive winds of change are upon us as there are 6 changes of signs and new planetary cycles this month, including the Saturn in Pisces and Pluto in Aquarius, which will affect the next several years of our lives.


This is a period of rebirth, creation, and manifestation. This time is the most prime of all to receive wisdom from the Guides and integrate cosmic energy for you to be a powerful creator of your reality!


In this manifestation masterclass, you get to examine what is working and what is not working in your life. This is a guided experience where you will be able to reflect on what is bringing you joy, what emotions may be holding you back, and acknowledge any blockages that are showing up in your life, especially when they seem to be repeating.


During the activation, you will be guided on a journey into your interdimensional self. We will call upon the wisdom and guidance of the Pleiadians, the Mother Goddess, and the Archangels to activate your limitless potential.


Together, we will explore the depths of your human self and your soul and unlock the power that lies within you. Allow yourself to be wild and free as you create new possibilities and embrace the fullness of your being. With their guidance, you will be able to connect with your higher self and awaken to the infinite possibilities that await you.



A Transformational Doorway During The Spring Equinox


We are entering this transformational doorway where we will experience two things.


One is realizing our old mindset and ego constructs that have brought forth what we have done in the past. We have built things, projects, and relationships with that old energy, which are not fitting us anymore.


Do you feel that these old patterns and constructs are already starting to fall away or are painful to sustain? In this transformational period, you will see the ground under that old programming shaking and propelling you to shift to new energies.


The second is experiencing the energy of ascension and shifting to higher vibrations. This rush of energies is now entering your life, expanding your consciousness like never before.


In this Equinox period, you will be called into a Rebirth Energy wherein your true and powerful self is reborn. You rise up from the ground to create and manifest your new life – one that aligns everything in your life to your highest joy, love, bliss, and abundance!


You are welcome to enter this sacred space where you tap into these transformational energies and create the turning point that you have been waiting for all your life!


A High Energy Session of Learning the Tools and Activation of Your Soul Energy


With over 30 years of multidimensional healing and channeling work, Karen Ruimy will teach you a spiritual technology where you will learn the tools to effectively release those things that don’t serve you anymore and transmute old energies to shift to a higher dimensional living.


Karen will also guide you in this transformative experience to embody new energies in yourself and take you step by step in a powerful manifestation process. You will be able to use these tools and wisdom to transform your everyday life and powerfully create the reality of your dreams!


The spiritual teaching before and after activation is a time for you to soak up the channeled information from the Guides which will illuminate your mind to Universal codes of living in alignment with your soul and the secrets of powerful manifestation.


During the activation of this webinar, you will experience a magical moment where your physical and spiritual bodies light up, empowering you to remember who you are – as a Divine Creator and Light Being.


Through this guided work in the space of healing and manifestation, you will also learn how to start a spiritual practice of applying powerful techniques to transform your life and experience boundless miracles every day!


Are you ready to experience the most powerful manifestation period of the year and embody your immense energy for manifestation?


Don’t miss this chance to finally unravel the greatness of who you are!