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Embodying Your Own Spiritual Freedom


Turning Your Trauma Into Spiritual Freedom

Your Healing, Transformation and Ascension In This Webinar


As this light activation webinar is done during the start of the year, you’ll experience heightened energies to supercharge the clearing and healing process and power up your manifestation energies within. Here’s the spiritual process that is going to transpire in this high-energy webinar.



A Space of Sacred Healing

Come to a sacred space of healing that will relieve you from all your past wounds and traumas. This spiritual process will help you clear your throat chakra and open up your heart chakra to create the greatest transformation within.


Uncovering the Treasures of Your Past

In this healing room, you get to uncover the treasures of your past. This guided process is a revelation of the purpose of traumas and wounds in your past history.


Transformation In Your Room of Creation

Inner work happens in your Room of Creation – where you stand at the center of your past, present, and future. Release past traumas, get clarity in the present, and recreate the future you want.


Spiritual Technology From the Masters

Learn a sacred spiritual technology from the Ascended Masters that will revolutionise your healing process and tap into the miraculous energy of your Soul. You’ll be able to bring this with you all your life to create miracles every day.


Receiving the Tools of Ascension

Receive the tools of ascension as Karen Ruimy channels Divine Light Beings for you to soar higher in your spiritual journey and soul evolution.

This Is Your Time To Rise Up And Embody The Greatness Of Your Being


What is holding you back from becoming the best version of yourself? What is hindering you from reaching your highest potential and embodying your Higher Self?


Karen Ruimy will be your guide in this light activation session where you will integrate the wisdom to clear and heal what has been holding you back all your life and empower yourself with the highest light of your Soul. This sacred healing space allows you to release old wounds, traumas, and pain that have been stopping you from living the life of your dreams. This is your moment of revelation.


Your old patterns and behaviour don’t define you, and through this webinar activation, you’ll undergo a high-energy process of clearing, renewal, transformation, and ascension. You also get to empower yourself with the tools and methods to release blockages and enrich your manifestation abilities for you to fully evolve in your soul journey.


This journey to Spiritual Freedom allows you to live on higher energy, greater purpose, and abundance in all aspects of your life.


2023 is Your Year of Great Abundance and Manifestation


The New Year 2023 holds great promise for you, as there is an acceleration of consciousness. Your Soul is calling you to rise up from the oblivion of ego and finally come to the light – to the fullness of your being so you can ascend and manifest miracles in your life!


In this webinar, you’ll learn the techniques of the Ascended Masters, Pleiadians, and the Goddess to dive deep into your wounds and pain to heal and transform them into a space of freedom. In your new expansion of being, you’ll create a new space of living and creativity in yourself.


This spiritual technology channeled by Karen Ruimy from Divine Light Beings is about healing your trauma history. The Masters are here to help you transform and transmute the past experiences stuck in your consciousness. This is freedom, bliss, and great empowerment in all dimensions of your being.