Embody Your Own Goddess




You Are Invited To A Sacred Space For Your Goddess Initiation

In this webinar and light activation, you will be welcomed by the Goddess Isis and her many sisters in the Temple. Together with the Ascended Masters of Healing, the Pleiadians, and the Sisterhood From Lemuria, we will bring out the Goddess – your true nature – who is just waiting to come out and unleash her incredible light to the world.

This Goddess Ritual of Initiation will awaken your Goddess nature. After this session, you will get to fiercely embody your true nature as an empowered being living in the light of your Divine Feminine,

A Transformative Event That Can Change Your Life

This event held in the sacred energies of June will be all about your healing, transformation, and ascension as a Divine Goddess. We will heal so many wrong ideas about your own definition – your identity as a human being that is overshadowing your incredibly powerful sacred feminine light. You hold within yourself so many healing and creative gifts as a Goddess, and it’s time to break through all boundaries.
We will speak with your soul during the light activation and initiation to reawaken your true Goddess nature and activate your Divine gifts. We will heal and release blockages that hold you back from being and seeing the sacred feminine in yourself.

This is no ordinary manifestation. You get to shift your own reality and live within your dreams in the here and now. You get to integrate your dreams within your Matrix of Energy as it moves into your aura, body, and physical reality. Your manifestation abilities will be supercharged to create miracles in your life!

Are you ready to finally live in your highest self as a Divine Goddess who is here to live her incredible soul journey and make an impact on the world?

The Goddess Rites and Initiation

Before jumping into this webinar, you are encouraged to spend time alone and write about those parts that you want to be healed and cleared within you. Write your desires for new growth and expansion that you want to embody in order to integrate them with the Goddess Rites. After the initiation, Karen will also provide a lot of practical guidance to embody your Goddess nature in everyday life.

Here’s what will transpire in this high energy event:

Releasing Energetic Blocks
You get to learn the tools to clear away blocks that have been holding you back from your true sacred feminine power. You will be released from your doubts, traumas, fears, and worries to get to the next level in your life.

Goddess Rites and Initiation
An important segment in this virtual session takes place where Karen takes you to a sacred space within yourself to awaken your Goddess potential. Karen will be channeling Goddess Isis, The Pleiadians, Ascended Masters, and the Sisterhood From Lemuria to guide you into activating that light within.

Discovering the Wealth of Your Goddess Wisdom
Your soul and higher self wisdom are contained in your Goddess nature. A dialogue with your soul takes place for you to access this infinite source of wisdom and learn how to tap into it every day.

Unleashing Your Sacred Feminine Power
You will learn how to unleash your sacred power from within and use this as a source to bring about your dreams in life. Tap into this sacred feminine power every day to live your best life.

Manifesting an Abundant Life
You get to tap into your infinite Goddess potential to manifest your dreams and desires with incredible success. Learn the tools and techniques to always remember who you are and manifest your 5D dreams into 3D reality.

Living the Goddess Path Every Day
Karen teaches you the practical rituals, ceremonies, and habits that will help you clear, heal and transform anything. You get to embody your higher self every day in your Divine Goddess birthright.

This is a compelling spiritual work that will help you achieve everything you want in life with the intention of your higher purpose. You have the power to create joy and abundance all around you!

I cannot wait to see how you will evolve through this session.

Let’s continue expanding and attracting a life of love, bliss, and light!

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