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Discover the Secret to Finding True Love


Activate the Keys to Attract Your Soulmate Now!

The Healing and Transformative Work We Will Do

This activation workshop will change you forever as it will touch your deep consciousness. It will open you up to true self-awareness in Divine Love. That is the biggest key to opening the field of soulmate attraction. You’ll be able to create the right intentions of love with the highest energy.


Building Up The Love Within: Discovering Your Inner LOVER

This spiritual process involves healing and building up the most important thing – your inner Self-Love. Karen guides you in finding the inner lover to create and invite this entity within yourself. You also get to revisit your intentions for love – whether they are pure from your soul or your ego.


This entity is within you and that is an energy you will connect with. It will unlock the alignment of your soul’s desires.


Inner Child Healing

Through this guided journey, you get to revisit your Inner Child in a process of self-discovery. With inner child healing, you unlock the energy of your dreams and desires. You will be able to release fears and limitations from childhood that have been blocking your attraction and manifestation energy.


Healing Inner Traps and Blockages of Your Ego

Clearing these in your consciousness will allow you to clear the energy of your intention and therefore of your energy of attraction. This one will help you gain power as it is aligning with your true self.


Activating Your Matrix of Energy

Your Matrix of Energy is crucial for you to live in your highest light and embody the attraction energy that aligns with everything you want in your life. Through this activation work, you release blockages from your energy matrix and allow your highest energy to create the transformation you need in life.


Energy Attraction Work

This sacred session allows you to do the energy attraction work which will activate the process of attracting your soulmate. You learn the tools to create the energy of attraction within yourself.


Embodying Your Divine Love

With the activation work in this session, you clear away everything that has been limiting you and embody your highest energy. You will leave the event with a rejuvenated sense of self and easily attract the love that has been waiting to be activated in your midst!



Get ready for the most powerful activation work that you can do to attract the soulmate you’ve been waiting for!

Have you been endlessly searching for the right partner in life, year after year?


Are you tired of being alone and longing for a loving partner to share your life with?


Do you feel like you’ve been searching for your soulmate but haven’t found them yet?


It’s time to attract the love you deserve, and it all starts with healing and building up the most important aspect of your life – YOURSELF.


You’ve come to the right place to start the healing and transformative work that will attract the SOULMATE of your life and manifest the love, joy, and abundance that are in alignment with your Soul!



Come To A Sacred Space Where You Activate That Light Within To Attract The Love Of Your Life


The highly acclaimed ATTRACT YOUR SOULMATE workshop of bestselling author and multidimensional healer Karen Ruimy is back to spark that light within you to attract the soulmate that you have been waiting for all your life.


The healing, channeling, and activation work that Karen Ruimy has imparted to thousands of participants all over the years is designed to help you find your soulmate by focusing on self-love and self-discovery. By finding your inner lover and creating and inviting in this entity, you will radiate positive energy and attract the right partner into your life.


Karen will guide you through an exhilarating spiritual journey of revisiting your intentions and determining if they are pure from your soul or driven by your ego. By identifying and releasing fears from childhood such as not deserving or fear of loneliness, you can unlock the energy of your true desires and become the best version of yourself.


From this point of embodying the highest love within you, you activate the keys to attract the soulmate who has been waiting for you too.



This is the Moment You Have Been Waiting For All Your Life


As experienced by thousands of participants whom Karen Ruimy has helped heal, ascend, and manifest their deepest desires, this spiritual work includes learning to create the energy of attraction within yourself.


This powerful spiritual work helps you get to the root of it all – by releasing ingrained blocks that have been stopping you from the love you’ve been searching for. You get to unleash yourself from the limitations of your past and find the spiritual freedom to be ready for the coming of your soulmate into your life.


By working on inner child healing, matrix activation, and energy attraction, you can manifest positive energy and attract the perfect partner for you.


Imagine waking up every day to the love of your life, feeling fulfilled and happy in a loving relationship. It’s not just a dream – it’s possible through this high-energy spiritual process.


Join us now and start the journey to finally commune with the soulmate destined to you by the heavens!