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On this deeper exploration into healing the Inner Child, multidimensional healer and spiritual author Karen Ruimy creates space for you to experience the healing and transformative energies of Archangel Michael, Goddess Isis, The Pleiadians, Melchizedek, and the Egyptian School of Horus and El Morya.

They come to help you realise your own Divine potential and gifts. You get to revisit your point of TRUTH within yourself so that you can clear any limitations and transcend all barriers.

It’s now time to live in your highest light and live out ascension for yourself!

Healing, Transformation and Ascension In This Webinar

You’ll be able to go through a great transformation through this session. It’s time to release everything that has been holding you back, and allow the greatness of your own Divinity to shine through.

Here’s what will transpire in this session:

Heart Chakra and Solar Plexus Chakra Healing

We are going to heal the deep and limiting pain in the heart to release the power of your soul in your solar plexus. You’ll be able to embody your true presence and power.

The Room of Creation

We will revisit your room of powerful transformation and energy alchemy that you are holding in yourself. You get to discover the different walls within this room, which hold your past, present and future.

Revisiting Your Point of Vulnerability

We are going to revisit your point of vulnerability – to detach yourself from self-imposed limitations and the ego definition. It is here that you integrate into the pure energy of your soul.

Spiritual Shift on the 12.12 Portal

The webinar is held on the powerful 12.12 Portal where we receive energies that activate the spiritual door within ourselves. It will open the floodgates of light and ascension energies for you to heal and transform.

The Revelation of Your Own Divinity

The light activation will reveal a lot of high energy in yourself. It will reveal crucial memories and enlighten you on your soul purpose and mission. The ascension energies will shed light on who you truly are as a Light Being in your Higher Self.

Integration of Powerful Energies

It’s a time of healing, transformation, revelation, and celebration – as the Goddess, Ascended Masters, and Great Brotherhood of Light will help integrate powerful energies within yourself. It will empower you on the next step ahead in your Journey of Light.

This is an incredibly powerful work that will help you achieve everything you want in life with the intention of your higher purpose. You have the power to create joy and abundance all around you!

The Key To Your Immense Spiritual Power and Presence

Part 1 of the Deep Healing of the Inner Child webinar created so much great results for more than a hundred participants. I have been called to create another session where we can go to the deepest point of the Inner Child – as reflected in the body and the whole energy matrix.

By working on your point of vulnerability within your Inner Child, it will activate the channels of great healing, transformation, and ascension.

This is an incredibly powerful session as it helps you get closure from all traumas, old paradigms, and spiritual blockages. It will help you enter a New Age with the highest energy and truly embody your Higher Self!

The Point of Vulnerability

Your Point of Vulnerability is your point of TRUTH. It’s the point where you close the immense source of your soul behind a door. It’s the source of your immense gifts, spiritual power, and Divine presence.

It is high time to let things come to the surface so that you can clear these blockages and finally live in the truth of your SOUL – the great Divine being that you are which holds so much potential!

Your Greatest Gift In This Lifetime

This webinar holds so many gifts and blessings for your soul. We are going to do the inner spiritual work that keeps us attuned to the ascension energies of Mother Earth.

With so much transformation going on over the past couple of years, we are activating that energy within to join the shift of Mother Earth and ascend to 5th-dimensional living.

You are not alone in this ascension process, as you will be together with kindred spirits, Archangel Michael, Goddess Isis, the Pleiadians, Melchizedek, the Egyptian School of Horus, and El Morya.

It is also going to be a big reunion of the White Brotherhood – the Great Brotherhood of Light composed of ascended masters to help you on your spiritual journey.