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Deep Healing Of The Inner Child- Part 1


Experience a healing and transformative session like no other as bestselling author and energy healer, Karen Ruimy, channels the healing energy of the Pleiadians, Goddess Isis and Mother Gaia that will change your life forever!

Your Inner Child holds the key to your self-actualisation in this life. Once you heal your Inner Child, nothing can ever hold you back anymore. You release everything that does not serve you. You’ll be able to soar higher in your soul path, mission, and purpose in this life.

Incredible miracles happen through Inner Child healing. The things that have bothered or hindered you in this life would no longer take their hold on you.  You release the full potential of your soul – as you finally remember your own Divinity. You bring out your true beauty and STARDOM as you come full circle with your Inner Child.

Your Healing and Transformation In This Webinar

You’ll be able to go through a great transformation through this session. It’s time to release everything that has been holding you back, and allow the greatness of your own Divinity to shine through. 

Here’s what will transpire in this high energy webinar playback:

Releasing All Blocks Within You

You get to explore where you lodged the pain from your childhood in your body. Acknowledging and releasing these blocks will allow for incredible healing from within you. It is freedom from spiritual and physical blocks that have hindered you in this life.

Heart Chakra Healing

This session will dive deep into healing your Heart Chakra. It will release past energies, old wounds, judgments, limited ideas, and any limited definition of yourself. It will dissolve any illusion that you have held on to for so long, allowing you to soar higher in your soul journey.

Powerful High Energy from the Pleiadians

The Pleiadians have come to repair the deepest parts of ourselves. They pave the way for your inner love and light to shine through. They come to help you realise you hold so much light. They can activate that high energy of your soul to release your greatest potential. 

Your Room of Creation

You will get to discover a new spiritual technique for removing your biggest blocks through a guided session in your Room of Creation. Your Room of Creation holds everything from your past, present and future. 

Blessings from the Divine

As Karen Ruimy channels Goddess Isis and Great Mother, you will experience their powerful light and healing energy that can bring your soul journey to the next level – one that is in alignment with your higher self and elevated consciousness.

This is a rare opportunity for you to be in alignment with higher dimensions and energies. You will come to realise your own Divinity and become stronger as you continue on with your soul journey!

Your Inner Child Holds the Key to Your Present and Future

As human beings, we hold our deepest definition of who we are in what we call the Inner Child. When we were born, we brought our soul energy to our physical body in this plane of existence. Our soul came with its full potential and high energy – including its mission and gifts.

We came to Earth to become part of a family and group. Along the way, the rules and judgments of society were imposed on us. In these years of development, we all received new energies that transformed us through these obligations that were imposed on our souls.

As our Inner Child holds the energy of the soul, it also tries to please the world at the same time. As a result, the Inner Child transforms itself against its true nature, against its inherent and strong freedom of being.

You Can Rise Up From the Ashes of Your Past

Humanity has never been that high in consciousness when you were born. The world’s energetic frequency and spiritual energy were not enough to allow a soul’s full expression during childhood.

Therefore our Inner Child held so much burden for us to live normally through this life in a lower dimension. While growing up, we had to go through limiting experiences – from sadness to traumas – just to get by in this world. 

This Webinar Can Change Your Life Forever

We are here to make space for the high energy that can heal these places within ourselves. It is the deep healing of the Inner Child – which holds the root cause of all our triggers and limitations at the present. 

Through the healing and transformative energies of the Pleiadians, Goddess Isis, and Mother Gaia, this session will miraculously heal the deepest part of you. Divine energies will activate your power to unlock yourself from this limiting space that you have been stuck in.

You will get to discover your sacred path, immense gifts, and mission in this world. You will finally realise your true beauty, stardom, and journey as a soul. That’s how important this work is because it will finally take away the false illusions you have been holding on to for so long.

You hold the energies of the stars within your soul, and that can be unlocked by healing your Inner Child.