Aromatherapy balm – Peace balm of serenity


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 Peace balm of serenity – the best seller!

Aromatherapy balm “The Peace Balm of Serenity” is definitely the best choice for any occasions , especially for meditations. This product was selected by Fashion and Care product’ experts (from Elle, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and Pure Beauty). So it became a best seller and got the awards in London.

Peace balm of Serenity restores calm, grounds the spirit and reconnects the mind and the soul.

How to use aromatherapy balm?

Run a clean finger across the surface of the balm to soften, dab gently onto pulse points and inhale deeply.

Kalmar’s balm is great for:

  • Clarity, calm and reconnection with Mother Earth
  • A moment of grounding tranquility whenever you need it most, whether before a meeting, for yoga or meditation
  • Pocket-sized and portable; carry it with you, wherever you go


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