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Activate Your Power for Manifesting Your Dream Life


Are you ready to be an alchemist of your reality and manifest the true CALLINGS OF YOUR SOUL?

Spark that light within to bring forth abundance in your energy field

You have the power to change circumstances and transform your life on all levels. You hold so much light that it can be a catalyst for great change.

You may be wondering how exactly you can do that. It can be confusing to determine the right energies of creation within yourself.

Start manifesting your ideal partner, career, experiences, and so much more!

Karen Ruimy and the Ascended Masters are here to illuminate your path so you can forge ahead and powerfully manifest anything from the immense capabilities of your spirit!

Our Light Activation Webinar Will Teach You

This empowering workshop will give you the exact steps on how to create abundance in your life with incredible speed and success. YOU WILL START BRINGING FORTH ABUNDANCE FROM THE TRUE SOURCE WITHIN YOU.

Here’s how this webinar can jumpstart your creative powers for abundance.


You will discover your point of attraction and creation from within. What has been blocking you? How do you define your desires with money, time, relationships, or anything else? You will be guided on these inner definitions so you can go to the source of your abundance mindset.


Discover the blocks within the roots of your Matrix of Energy. You will get to see your thought processes from there up until now, and how all the branches of your actions suffer from this blocked energy. It is going to be an incredible experience of recovering your Tree of Energies and clearing anything that has been holding you back from your true power.


You will experience healing and the liberation of this energy for attraction. You will then be able to create a new vision for your future and become an alchemist of your reality. Prosperity can now move freely within your energy field, and you hold the power to attract abundance in all aspects of your life!

Are you ready to make your cup overflow with abundance through simple techniques blessed by the Divine?

Abundance is the manifestation of an unhampered flow of life energy!

Abundance is your birthright. The Universe is always waiting for you to experience an incredibly abundant life. Nothing can ever hold you back!

All those times you thought you were undeserving of prosperity in any form have their root cause in blockages within you. These blockages are hidden and defined in your Inner Child and Matrix of Energy.

When did you start holding on to feelings of being deprived, constricted, and unworthy in your life? Are you finally willing to let them go?

In this webinar, you will uncover what has been holding you back from claiming that infinite abundance from the universe. You will come to release all of these blocks so that the energy of abundance can flow freely through you!

Start activating an incredible flow of abundance into your life!

In this high energy session, you will discover your center of creation, so you can activate the true source of abundance from within.

Karen, with channeling from the Ascended Masters, will bring you to those areas within where you put on hold the free flow of abundance. You will receive incredible healing energy to dissolve all those limiting beliefs. You will unearth the root of your creative process and attraction energy, which will bring forth tides of blissful abundance energy into your life!